Diploma in Biotechnology after 10th Std

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Diploma in Biotechnology after 10th Std:

Biotechnology is an entire different subject from Engineering, although it borrows some concepts and application from the subject and the field of Engineering. This is a recently emerging area of education which has just sprouted and emerged since the past few decades.

Biotechnology in other simple terms can be described as the amalgamation of two separate worlds Biology and Technology. Biotechnology is area of education in which it applies the concepts and the fundamentals of Engineering to other areas of subjects such as life sciences. Thus we can see the concept of Biotechnology can be easily seen in Medicines, Pharmaceuticals; food industry Etc.

The concept of biotechnology is the main reason why we can see an improvement in the food products and commodities; agricultural processes and methods, improved fertilizers and insecticides Etc. Recent evolution and developments in biotechnology have even witnessed an increase in the food production and quantity.

Eligibility for Diploma in Biotechnology:

  • All those Candidates who are interested in pursuing Diploma in Biotechnology after 10th Std are required to adhere to the following Eligibility Criteria:
  • All the Candidates are required to pass out and qualify the 10th SSC Board Examinations
  • The above Board Examination are required to be passed from a recognized Education Board in India
  • The above mentioned Board Examination should be passed with subjects namely that of Mathematics; Science and English
  • The 10th Std Board Examination are required to be passed out with at least 35% Marks in Aggregate.

Duration for the Diploma in Biotechnology:

  • Generally all diploma course and programs after the 10th Std, have a duration of 3 years.

Subjects for Diploma in Biotechnology:

  • Chemistry; Applied Sciences; Applied Mathematics; English; Cell Biology; Biochemistry; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Genetic Engineering; Process Technology; Separation Technology; Bioinformatics; Bioinstrumentation; unit operation; momentum transfer; Calculations and Bioprocess; Nanotechnology; Biostatistics; Health Diagnostics

What after Diploma in Biotechnology?

All potential students who have completed their diploma in the biotechnology can either start working for various multinational corporations such as Pharmaceutical Companies; Medical Companies; Life Sciences; Agricultural and Crops; Health Improvement Sectors; Bioinformatics Sectors; Bulk Chemical Sectors Etc.

Also all those who have completed their diploma in biotechnology course can pursue further studies by graduating in the Bachelors of Engineering (B.E) or the Masters in Biotechnology (M.E)

Work Position after Completing Diploma in Biotechnology:

All those who have completed their Diploma Courses & Programs can easily work as Junior laboratory assistant; Senior Laboratory technologist (after some experience); Clinical laboratory technician; Food Safety technician; Biomedical laboratory technician; Pharmaceutical research technician Etc.




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