Difference between PGDM and MBA

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PGDM from IIM's is considered equvivalent to MBA in IndiaThis question has been raised since decades relating to PGDM & MBA. People try to figure out which one is better out of the two, who has got a better scope etc..To start with, MBA is Master of Business Administration  and PGDM is Post Graduate Diploma in Management. 

Getting into a B-School which offers MBA Programme shall provide a Master’s Degree on the other hand a B-School offering a PGDM Certificate is eligible to provide a diploma certificate. Moreover MBA Degrees can be offered only by those Colleges who are affiliated to Universities. Example: Nirma University, Faculty of Management Studies etc..  Accordingly Institutes which are not affiliated to Universities are not eligible to offer MBA Degree & there by offer Diploma Certificate. Example: IIM’s, XLRI, S P Jain etc..

It is a known fact that, MBA offers avid scope for further studies either by pursuing Ph.D or any other equvivalent course. Where as PGDM does not provide you with any sort of option for carrying out further studies from a recognized Institute or University. MBA focusses on theoretical aspects of Management where as PGDM lays stress on soft-skills since they are industry-oriented.

The central idea around which everything revolves is whether to chose PGDM or MBA?

It is a common notion that MBA being a Master’s Degree is regarded in a higher place than PGDM but degree is not the only factor to be taken into consideration. Applicants should mainly notice the reputation of the institute. Given a choice that you are offered MBA course in ABC University & PGDM course in XYZ University, mentioned that, the valuation of XYZ University is far more better than ABC University, then go with the PGDM course from XYZ University. Still if one decides upon his priorities getting an MBA from ABC University won’t go wrong with him/her.

Not to mention, PGDM from IIM’s is considered equvivalent to MBA in India. This throws open an opportunity for an IIM Graduate to go ahead with higher studies in India as well as outside India.

On the final front, its up to the applicants to decide between a PGDM course offered by a reputed University or MBA Degree from an average Institute. Decide on to PGDM over MBA Degree. With many Colleges & Universities in & around, applicants have got hell lot of options to choose from.

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