Difference between CAT and CMAT

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CAT & CMAT are the top two MBA entrance exams with the help of which one can get admission into a reputed B-School in India. CAT (Common Admission Test ) was announced many years ago & has been successful enough in providing admission to students in the Management Schools on that basis.As compared to that, CMAT has been newly introduced & successfully conducted by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)

CMAT was introduced with the purpose of reducing the stress level of attempting for multiple entrance exams. With the reduction in number of attempts for various entrance exams, students can save upon the preparation time, lead a stress free life, coaching fees, amount of money spent on books etc.. CMAT gives the opportunity to write just one Management Entrance exam which shall provide the opportunity to get admission into approximately 4000 plus AICTE approved MBA Institutes.

Also the fact that a single exam like CAT, XAT develops a risk factor that a candidate might have to bear if he/she has a bad day. CMAT has taken a step ahead & provided students the opportunity to take up the CMAT entrance exam twice a year. This way, the best of the two scores is considered.

By now it clearly shows that, CMAT is the new popular entrance exam gaining much desired attention in India as far as Management Exams are considered. It won’t be too long enough that it might push out other MBA entrance exams like IIFT, NMAT, XAT etc..

Take a quick look at the difference between CAT & CMAT entrance exam.

CAT is being conducted by the IIMsCMAT is being conducted by the AICTE Board
Apart from the IIMs other 100 Colleges accept CAT scoreVarious Colleges accept CMAT scores
CAT is conducted once in a year between October or November CMAT has been conducted twice a year in February & September
Exam Duration: 2 hours & 20 minutes (140 minutes)Exam Duration: 3 hours (180 minutes)
No. of candidates taking up CAT exam every year: Approx 2 lakhsNo. of candidates taking up CAT exam every year: Approx 4 lakhs
Students cannot move back to sectionsStudents can very well move/forth to the other sections
2 Sections, 30 Questions in each Section with a duration of 70 minutes each4 Sections, 25 Questions in each Section with a duration of 180 minutes
1st Section: Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
2nd Section: Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning
1st Section: Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
2nd Section: Logical Reasoning
3rd Section: Language Comprehension
4th Section: General Awareness
Negative Marking persist in CAT. For every wrong answer 1 mark shall be deducted & 3 marks shall be awarded for right answerNegative Marking persist in CMAT. For every wrong answer 1 mark shall be deducted & 4 marks shall be awarded for right answer
Recognized by Major Institutes IIMS, NITIE, MDI, SPJIMRRecognized by Major Institutes like JBIMS, SIMSREE, KJ Somaiya, IMT, ITM, IFIM etc..

Thus its upto candidates to choose between CAT & CMAT after going through the above brief summary. Hope the candidates are benefited at large with their decision of choosing for the appropriate management entrance exam & thus secure their enrollment in the top B-School.

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