How to develop Conversational Skills ?

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how to improve conversational skills Everyone knows how important it is to communicate effectively whether it is relationships, education or work.The perfect art of conversation needs great concise & practice but it is not as hard as one might think. Whether it is a social party, dinner date, conversation with colleagues, or may be over a phone; a great conversation starts when two or more people are on the same page & feel comfortable talking with each other.

Let us take a quick look on how to develop Conversational Skills 

  • If possible find out a few things about the person you’ll be talking to.

One can come to know about the basic information about the person from commonly used resources (as long as you are careful not to come across as a stalker) such as Facebook & Twitter.

After which one can start the conversation with any common topic that’s not too personal. Example: “I just saw on the office memo that you are working on the canal project. How’s that going? “

  • Ask questions so as to bring the other person in conversation.

how to improve conversational skills

How’s life? What are your interests? How was your weekend? Are some of the commonly asked questions. Try identifying things about them that you might be interested in hearing or knowing about.

Make sure your interest appears to be genuine. Clarify your doubts in case of any.  Try using Open-Ended questions, skip the ones carrying “Yes” or “No” answers.

Be generic in asking questions. Understand the comfort level of partner & carry on the conversation level.

  • Give birth to inspirational answers through your conversation.

“Inspiration” in the sense that you come up with a great topic which makes your partner to join or carry on the conversation ahead.  Example: You can share any funny incident, which might remind your partner regarding a similar incident which would have taken place with him/her.

  • Comment on a General Topic.

If at all one feels the conversation is going too dry or out of topics one can quickly take up with any of the current events taking place in & around the town or country.

Do you have any idea when will be the new flyover constructed & ready for use?

  • Be a good listener.

A conversation can take up any weird shape or may lose interest if one is not a good listener. Encourage the other person to participate in the conversation. This way the other person will feel you are interested in the topic & initiating conversation.

Hope these few tips help you to carry out the conversation with much ease.  Continue the conversation with us by sharing your views with us 🙂

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