Deciding on to a Master’s Degree or Certificate?

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Educational paths are ought to be decided by persons individually & these paths are responsible for shaping career of individuals. Hence the program you choose at this stage matters the most. This decision can make or mar your career. A suitable program should be chosen since if it is not suitable one is likely to fail or leave it.

To move ahead in the career additional education is required for which one might have to make a choice between a full fledged Master’s Degree or opting for the practical applications of the industry via certificates & specializations.

Let us take a few steps towards Deciding on to a Master’s Degree or Certificate?

1. Tracing all the possibilities

Find out all the possible ways for yourself. Search on for the kind of programs offered by which all B-Schools & why you should consider for them. Make a in-depth strategy for yourself.

2. Find out about the scholarship programmes

Thinking about an MBA Program is bagged by many other questions related to it. The check out list must cover up

  1. Alumni of the programme
  2. Career services offered
  3. The current batch of enrolled students
  4. Online tests
  5. Scholarships

3. Evaluation time

Now that you have made your mind, take some time to evaluate your decision. Take into account the future prospects as well as the job opportunities. But if a person’s priorities are more of skill oriented then they are job change based. In that case, one may consider a rather less expensive certificate over the long term expensive Graduate Program.

4. Listen to your inner voice

It is usually said so that head & heart are always in the opposite direction. Try to acquire the desired motivational pep talk to build up your decision. This shall certainly helping you in narrowing down your decision.

5. Give it a shot before committing

If you are opting for a Master’s Degree, try spending quality time in College, attend various lectures, reaching out to professors in case of doubts, seeking answers for some questions etc. Doing so shall help you to figure out where do you lie.

6. After all education is perennial

If one is not interested in a particular field, one may develop sooner or later. Make your decision with serious thoughts as that shall cost you money as well as time. Deciding your priorities is utmost important.

Even you must be confused while taking up this decision at some point or the other. Feel free to share with us your experience. 🙂

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