How to decide between two job offers?

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How to decide between two job offers?It so happens that one sends multiple resumes to various companies in a bid to get interview call from atleast one amongst them. At times, a person gets more than lucky to find multiple job offers on the table, there after the tough part begins on How to decide between two job offers?At times, job offers can be like buses who come along in pairs. Give a bit of credit to yourself as well, since the world will get around you if are good at what you do.

Here is how you can decide for yourself on selection between the two job offers.

1. Get a detailed information

First of all gather as much information as you can regarding the company as well as your job designation.  One can ask the people around personal as well as professional front regarding what they know about the organization or may be the people for whom you are likely to work.

Some stringent questions like “What is the annual turnover?”… “Have there been any layoffs recently?”…”Why did your predecessor leave the job?” etc can become a part of it. It is understood that the research work is a bit tedious but it is worth doing since it unwraps many valuable insight as well as figures out red flags.

2. Think bigger

An employer knows how to woo his/her employee.High Salary, attractive perks etc..are the basic things based on which any employee agrees upon to work for the firm/organization. Take into account all the aspects such as Finances, Time, People, Culture, Professional Development etc..

Within that also, in depth calculation should be made like considering bonus, profit sharing, health benefits, schedule of working, connection with the co-workers etc..

3. Take some time out to analyze

List out some of the important factors to be considered for choosing a job. Further you can rate those factors on a scale of 1 to 5. Now rate how each job ranks in every category. Consider all the possible factors required for both the jobs.

4. Let the Gut factor speak

Pick one of the two outcomes & mentally commit to that decision. Do not disregard this intuition. Pay clear attention to all sorts of signals or red flags that you may have come across during application & interview process.

Let us know about your experience of choosing between the two jobs. Whether choosing for that decision was right on your part or not? Was there any section or part which you didn’t consider but should have?

Many people must have gone through this stage, hope you can contribute through suggestions. 🙂

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