CUSAT 2015 Syllabus

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CUSAT 2015 Syllabus:


Vector Algebra; Statistics and Probability; Trigonometry; Mathematical Reasoning; Mathematical Induction; Binomial Theorem and its simple applications; Sequences and Series; Limit, Continuity and Differentiability; Integral Calculus; Different Equations; Co – ordinate Geometry; Three dimensional  geometry; sets, relations and functions; complex numbers and quadratic equations; matrix determinants; permutations and combinations.

Physics Syllabus:

Gravitation; properties of solids and liquids; thermodynamics; kinetic theory of Gases; Oscillations and Waves; Electrostatics; current electricity; magnetic effects of current and magnetism; electromagnetic induction and alternating current; electromagnetic waves; optics; dual nature of matter and radiation; atoms and nuclei; electronic devices; communication systems; physics and measurement; kinematics; laws of motion; work, energy and power, rotational motion;


Equilibrium; redox reactions and electrochemistry; chemical kinetics; surface chemistry; some basic concepts in chemistry; states of matter; atomic structure; classification of elements and periodicity in properties; chemical bonding and molecular structure; organic compounds containing halogens; organic compounds containing oxygen; chemical thermodynamics; solutions; general principles and processes of isolation of metal; hydrogen; block elements; co ordination compounds; environmental chemistry; purification and characterization of organic compounds; environmental chemistry; purification and characterization of organic compounds; some basic principles of organic chemistry; hydrocarbons; polymers; bio molecules; chemistry in everyday life; gaseous and liquid states; extractive metallurgy; energetic; electrochemistry; chemical kinetics; chemical equilibrium; carbohydrates; atomic structure and chemical bonding; amino acids and peptides.

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