Create a Vision for your Career

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How to build your career vision?


When you were a kid and elders or adults used to ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? As soon as you think about your career you must have said “I want.” followed by saying to go to college-and then enrolled in school and completed your degree or maybe you have said something like – to work for a large or a small company-and you are working there now and many more big things. It’s hard to go very far without a very powerful phrase that is “I want”.

A career vision is a statement about what you want to achieve in your career — the major accomplishments you hope to attain, the level or position you hope to rise to, and the lasting impacts you hope to make. For example imagine going on a trip without selecting a destination beforehand. What would you pack? How would you get there? Where would you stay? Your trip probably would not end up being much fun.

Same thing goes with your career. It is very important to visualize your desire and what will it lead to. As it is hard to say what you want as you are not sure about it. Without an end in mind, you will walk aimlessly; and as long as you are aimless, you will be wasting time. You will feel lost and would be like lost leaf, going wherever the wind takes it.

What’s a Vision? A Vision is visualization or a picture of where you see yourself in the future. Your picture can be one of where you want to be in a day, a week, a month, a year, or even farther into the future. The visualization of your goal is what forces you to move forward. It is a snapshot of what you want your career and life to look like in the future. This will your journey a clear and reachable goal and will provide focus toward it.

All goals are reached in the mind first. You see yourself both achieving that goal and experiencing the satisfaction it will bring you once you are there. This picture is what will help you to persevere during times of doubt. Your picture of success will give you purpose, power, and excitement. Your picture will give you a reason to get out of bed every day.

How to create a Vision? Close your eyes. Let your imagination take over. Remember that with a career vision anything should be possible, so find a way to turn off any negative vibes or logic filters that will block you from thinking big. Get in touch with what you really want and what is important to you. Ask yourself meaningful questions. Let the answers come to you.

What Questions will help get you to a Vision quickly? Think deeply about the question(s) and answer each as genuinely as you can as build a vision for your desired destination is. Below are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • If it was possible, what would be different in your career?
  • What type of job you would have?
  • What would you be responsible for?
  • What type of boss/co-workers/team you would have?
  • What kind of hours you would work?
  • What type of company you would work for?
  • What sort of culture would the company have?
  • What city you would live in?
  • How much money you would make?
  • How would you handle stress, your workload, and deadlines?

As you have thought about the questions, it is time to find answers to them. The answers to these questions are not right or wrong answers, these answers are what for you think is correct-not for what someone else wants for you. Listen to yourself, to what your heart truly says.

Once you have your vision/dream, it’s time to make it real. You only have one life to live, so make it the life you love. So go ahead have a career vision and achieve it.

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