How to crack CMAT 2015: Tips & Strategies

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Much has been already mentioned in our previous article on CMAT February 2015 regarding the CMAT 2015 Syllabus, CMAT 2015 Sample Paper. Eligibility Criteria for CMAT 2015 has been specified along with important dates for CMAT 2015, how to apply for CMAT 2015, application fees for CMAT 2015, the modes of payment of application fees has been mentioned.

The Syllabus for CMAT 2015 is explained in complete detail along with the sample papers which can prove to be really useful to students in order to crack CMAT entrance exam. As stated earlier, CMAT exam is conducted twice in a year: September & February. September 2014 schedule has already been conducted. AICTE has now announced to conduct CMAT February 2015.

A well-planned preparation is extensively needed in order to crack CMAT 2015. Thus, we present the Tips & Strategies in order to excel in the entrance exam.

  How to crack CMAT 2015: Tips & Strategies

Time Management

Time is the only thing which is in our hands & should always make good use of it as it shall be beneficial in future. One must start preparing for the entrance test seven-eight months prior to the CMAT 2015 entrance exam being conducted for Management. Get to know the syllabus as well as exam pattern of CMAT 2015 entrance exam. Doing so shall boost your confidence as well as the scores.

Remain updated with news/journals/magazines

Given that you have stepped in the competitive exams, constant reading becomes a part & parcel of your life. When a candidate is preparing for CMAT, make sure that, you are updated with the daily dose of current affairs, news feed etc..Go through the newspapers, magazines as well as journals apart from the regular syllabus. Do not remain dependent on just one newspaper, refer atleast two to three of them.

Revision with the help of Mock Tests & Sample Papers

Early preparation is suggested so that candidates get used to the pattern in which questions are going to be asked by referring the sample papers & mock question papers. A regular practice of them can give a sharp increase to the speed level of students.

Perfection bagged by speed

The need to get the appropriate speed is very essential for CMAT entrance exam. You must be able to mange the balancing act of being able to answer the questions correctly without running out of time. Lots of practice can make this a success.

Clearity of topics

If you have started early, then you must be having ample of time on your hand to prepare for the topics & get over your weaker areas by working on them. In case you are facing shortage of time, practice on those topics which you are already clear with. Do not go for any sort of guess work. Since the entrance exam involves negative marking, guessing the answers won’t go right with you, so avoid it.

Make your own short notes

Reading from your own notes proves to be really advantageous as this has got all the important topics that you need right at the last moment of the exam.

Revision is truly the key to success

No matter how long you study, revision before appearing for the exams is extremely essential. Revision promises to give sure shot success if undertaken on regular intervals.

Good luck to all the candidates!! 🙂

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