Consultancy Business Ideas in India

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Planning to explore your business strategy?? Then you have landed at one of the best pages in search of taking up Consultancy Business Ideas in India. In layman’s language, consultancy is the practice of giving expert advice pertaining to a particular field. Consultancy service is provided by those professionals who offer to give professional & expert advice in their own core areas & manage to have a wide knowledge of the subject matter.

When does one feel the need to hire consultancy services?

A Consultant or their consultancy services are in demand whenever a person or a company needs expert advice/guidance. For providing this expert advice/guidance, consultancy firms charge their fees from the clients. Let us now discuss few of the Consultancy Business Ideas in India which can bring upon various attractive career options for the consultancy firms.

1. Human Resources/ HR Consultants

Human Resource Consultants deal in management of an organization’s physical force i.e. the human resources. Majority of the companies outsource job of attraction, selection, training, assessment as well as rewarding the employees for their performance. One needs to coordinate between the employees & the company. HR’s are now a days trained to shift their focus on strategic initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, talent management, planning, industrial & labor relations, diversity, inclusion etc..

2. Strategy Consultants

Strategy Consultants are here to figure out if there is any problem in operations & work strategy so as to improve one’s performance, with the analysis of existing organizational problems & in a way coming up with development plans.

3. Technology Consultants

Technology consultants deal in delivering the software solutions which can help in improving the business performance of the clients. Knowledge on the strategic know-how as well as understanding of key technology for development purpose. They try their best so as to enable their business clients to gain maximum advantage over others.

4. Public Relations Or PR Consultants

The task of Public Relation is to build a reputation or the company’s certain point of view which is been displayed in front of public, investors, partners, employees. One has got a control over the thinking capability of others about company’s leadership, products or political decisions.

5. Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consultant’s focus never shifts from developing strategies for successful promotion, selling & distribution of goods & services to targeted customers. Normally Marketing Consultant’s advice is in demand while discovering creative techniques for launching their business.

6. Legal Consultants

Legal Consultation can be in the field of employment, banking, contract, corporate, intellectual property, tax, real estate, information technology etc..

7. IT Consultants

Information Technology Consultant’s job is to recommend Computer Hardware, Software & Network systems & workflow. Their other popular names are information system consultant, system application consultant, data management consultants & the network consultants.

8. Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant helps companies to increase the traffic on their websites through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One needs to build a strong online presence of the client & there by build a brand online.

9. Financial Consultant

These consultants help the organizations/ individuals to make intelligent financial decisions. They tend to make use of market trends, stock values, taxes as well as other economic factors.

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