Clearing Engineering Entrance Examinations: A Simple Guide

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Clearing Engineering Entrance Examinations: A Simple Guide

Probably every Private as well as Semi Governmental University has its own Engineering Entrance Examination apart from the Joint Entrance Examinations, (JEE) and the General Aptitude Test, (GATE) which are held nationwide for admitting candidates to Public Universities such as the IITs and the IIITs.

Some of such kind of Engineering Entrance Examinations are the JNU EEE, BSAU EEE, etc. you could also visit our website for further detailed information on such examinations.

Clearing these Engineering Entrance Examinations, that too with Flying Colours becomes an absolute necessity because your admissions to your undergraduate and post graduate courses is directly proportional to the marks scored in these examinations.

But although its difficult but not impossible, so here is a quick guide on how to crack these examinations without much sweat.

Well as the saying goes, “Desperate times call for Desperate Measures”, one does require to adapt to the occasion. With the field of engineering becoming more and more lucrative, as well as overcrowded securing an admission in these Pristine and Versatile institutes has never become so tough. But there is no need to press the panic button, here in this article i provide you with some tips which will help you reach your goal.

(1) Remember that “Battles are won first in Mind, and then later on the fields”. Also “Failures are what you see when you take off your eyes of  your goals”. Thus be very focused and determined and do not pay any attention to anything other than clearing JEE.

(2) Passion for your Profession is a must, for clearing these exams, check yourself out whether its medicines or machines which seems to entice and seduce you? Have you seen toddlers who just get glued to those X boxes and Playstations?, Do you think and feel that you have the same passion?

(3) Be well versed and well read as far as your syllabus and course content, also see if there have been any further additions or any deductions from the syllabus. Gather all the information by cross verifying the facts, by checking with your superiors and mates.

(4) You would require atleast 6 months preparation time for this exams so start early.

(5) Also remember “Well Plan is half done”, keep this in mind and Plan and Plot a good study program giving detailed attention and importance to every chapter. Do not skip anything, just dont take chances.

(6) Also take care of yourself, have some recreational curricular activites like sports, but still i would recommend hanging out with friends, this would help you to further discuss and debate on subjects that are a bit of a problem.

(7) Rest and sleep properly, remember is healthy mind will not only help you to understand new subject but also recollect the ones that you have studied. A 7 hour sleep is a must.

I have just recommended 7 tips for all you aspirants because the “Holy Bible”, “The Word of God” mentions this figure 7 about 735 times.

So all the best, and please visit our website for additional information on JEE 2015.

Hope and Pray that the above information would be put to use in the best possible manner


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