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Civil engineering is a sub world in this entire universe of engineering, which comprises of several other branches and subsystems such as Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical etc. Civil engineering is the engineering that deals with the actual and physical construction of building structures, whether its commercial, residential as well as entertainment(a stadium, or a movie theater).

It is the chemical engineer that makes dreams come into reality, by rolling up his sleeves and actually getting into it. After the Architect has mapped down the structure on his sheet, then its the magic of the civil engineer by which the map and the blueprint that get converted into a physical concrete building, not to forget with the cooperation of the highly skilled laborers.

I am sure that most of us think and believe that Civil engineering is a thing of the modern times and has it roots since the last century. But its not like that, i mean think about our ancestors and our predecessors that have built some of the best structures that still stand today. Ring any bells! (the Egyptian pyramid, the Taj Mahal), these wonders are still today since the ancient times when the first brick was laid down.

The feeling that one relishes after completing  his graduation in Civil engineering is second to none, you really become qualified to construct a structure or a building. Just imagine passing by and then, by a building that you yourself have created, looking at it every time and even bragging about it in your work profile and in front of your relatives. Think about it? There could not be anything better than this, wont you agree?

So all you guys who really want to make it big and large in this one lifetime, then this is the best you could ask for, just relish this though, you make or construct something that would be lasting longer than you. And to top it, doing such a good work for humanity by providing a place for people to reside, which would protect them from cold, heat and rain.

We are just not taking about residential and commercial  premises and structures, but also those for entertainment like that of a football or a cricket stadium, entertainment theme parks such as Disneyland or Fun Worlds. Even these are made and constructed by magicians called Civil Engineers.

So if you feel that you can make a difference then just come out of the closet and live it. And as the saying goes, “we just got one life, so why not make it large.

There are many universities and other colleges that are very reputed, offering a course in Civil Engineering, so take the leap and make the plunge.

I hope this inspires you out there and if you have any suggestion or comments we would love to hear it from you.

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