Choosing right type of Engineering Branch

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This might sound as one of the most trickiest questions since our future depends on the same. It is little difficult on to decide which branch should be selected by the candidates, but you need not worry we are here to help you out & the careersamosa team shall be obliged to solve this problem.

We are pretty sure by the end of this article, candidates would be in a position to decide for themselves so as to which field is appropriate for them. Before that, get set to answer few short questions which shall decide your areas of interest. Basically there are four major branches of Engineering; Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical & Production Engineering, Civil Engineering. Let us take a quick ride at Choosing right type of Engineering Branch

Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Are you interested in computer software?
  2. Do you wish to do something new in computer?
  3. Do you always experiment with your computer applications & surprise everyone?
  4. Are you fond of Mathematics & Logical making skills?
  5. Got a liking for puzzles?

If your answer is “Yes” to most of the questions then, for sure this is the branch meant for you. As this branch requires a good logic making skills as well as good aptitude bagged by innovation & hardwork then you cannot go wrong with it. If you are having all these things in you, then certainly you can go for this branch.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  1. Have you ever happened to open your home’s switchboard in order to repair it?
  2. Do you wish to know the functioning of household electrical appliances?
  3. Do you really want to know what all is going on in a Computer CPU?
  4. Are you interested in sensors & transistors?
  5. Do you wish to make your own robot?

If your answer to majority questions is “Yes” then this is the branch meant for you. Of course there is difference between Electrical & Electronics. In most Colleges, these two are separate branches but in few they are the same. We can also say that Electronics is a subset of Electrical. As far as placement & job opportunities are concerned, it depends from College to College.

Mechanical & Production Engineering

  1. Are you interested in designing bikes & cars?
  2. Do you take enough interest in functioning of daily routine things?
  3. Do you have any questions to get cleared on how things work or function?
  4. Do you like Physics?
  5. Do you like to make any sort of new mechanism?

In case your answer is “Yes” to majority of the questions then this field is apt for you. For sure this branch requires immense hardwork. There is a misconception that in Mechanical field, there are less job opportunities as compared to Computer Science & Electronics. This is termed to be as an evergreen branch with many new opportunities coming up every other day.

Civil Engineering

  1. Are you interested in building mansions?
  2. Do you admire tall buildings, their interior structures etc?
  3. Are you interested in construction line?
  4. Do you have any idea about the on-going rate for bricks, sand, bamboos etc..?
  5. Can you predict the square feet area of a building or space used there in?

If your majority answers are positive then it is an indication, that you are more inclined towards Civil Engineering. If you are hardworking & talented then many opportunities are awaiting for you right here.

We wish all the very best to our candidates in Choosing right type of Engineering Branch  In case you are stuck somewhere please do let us know by posting comments at

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