How to choose a career between Investment Banker & Stockbroker?

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An Investment Banker and a Stock Broker share the same service of providing financial services of all kinds that may seem to be similar but differ in many aspects. If one is pretty good, dealing with the numbers & possesses patience & friendly appearances in public then one must look up for a career in this field.

Let us focus on both the professions one by one.

As mentioned in our previous article on Career as a Stock Broker & Investment Analyst stock brokers are those people who offer to gather data about stocks, mutual funds, pension plans & similar other instruments. They use their gathered information wisely in order to evaluate the potentials of the financial instruments. After which they locate the possible clients who are interested in purchasing or selling these instruments.

On the other hand, Investment Banker is a professional representing a financial firm or organization in a bid to raise capital for various organizations. Not just that, investment bankers advise clients on financial strategy to raise money to carry out business well.

The tasks involved in the routine of a stock broker are building up investment plans specifically based on needs of any client, going through the transactions of a client and evaluating financial reports.

How to choose a career between Investment Banker & Stockbroker?

A stock broker is expected to have a Graduate Degree in any particular specialization & a registered representative license. Please note that stock brokers with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) shall be preferred in reputed organizations. 

On the contrary, Investment Banker includes responsibilities like researching market trends as well as deciding upon where to invest the capital & help businesses in their budgetary issues.

How to choose a career between Investment Banker & Stockbroker?

Another important role performed by an investment banker is that of a portfolio manager or financier.

Investment Bankers necessarily need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a related stream such as finance. On an average mostly firms employ candidates with a Masters Degree. Such professionals are mostly engaged in banks & financial units.

On a parting note, we have presented above some of the striking differences between an Investment Banker and a Stock Broker, so the ball is in your court now. Make your mind as per the interests and priorities. Both the professions-Investment Banker & Stock Broker have carved a niche for themselves.

Add your views to it & help us grow further. 🙂

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