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Chemicals, Chemist, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering? Whew? Is your mind blown off? Well if it does, then don’t panic, this is bound to happen. Trust me this would happen to all, especially those coming from commercial backgrounds.

But if you are determined to find out the precise difference between these, then this is the right page and you are on it. The following is an extensive definition of all these words, that i have found out with pain staking efforts. And here it comes.

Chemicals: very easy all the chemicals that we use such as Chloride, Potassium, Sulfur, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium, the list can go on and on.

Chemist: in normal terms a person who sells drugs and medicines on the pharmacy store, and in other terms a person who is academically and professionally qualified in the field of Chemistry.

Chemistry: in the very first place this is a branch of science just like physics, biology and is not a field of engineering, like that of Mechanical, Civil or Electronic. Thus it a branch of Science that deals with chemicals such as its study, making newer chemicals, improved formulations and so on.

Chemical Engineering: This is a branch of engineering and should be understood differently from the Chemistry. while already explained in the above para, Chemical Engineering deals is the field of engineering which applies the principles and the fundamentals of Engineering to the field of Chemistry.

So after having said all the above one would still ask that “Why Chemistry as a Career”? Why not something else? Something more promising? more lucrative? more profiteering?

You are right, absolutely right, but just take a look at our present day life, even for some few seconds and tell me something not comprising chemicals?

Whether its plastic, or rubber, or nylon or PVC, fabric? Everything, practically everything is made of chemicals, even those grains, pulses  and cereals that we consume, has been cultivated with the help of Insecticides and fertilizers. Aren’t they Chemicals?

Now I am sure the next question would be, What is Chemistry all about?:  its the study of chemicals, its matter, its interaction, and the reaction, the study of all the atoms and the molecules that comprise them, its uses and improvements. The field of chemistry tends to focus on the properties and the particulars of various substances.

So then, What do Chemists do?: They do all the processes that are mentioned in the above paragraph, some of them work in extensive laboratories, some of them research development facilities, while the others do field work and the others also work in on computer program applications developing new soft-wares that would help to predict and draw conclusions.

i hope my above article has eliminated all the mind boggling  questions with respect to chemistry, chemical engineering and chemicals.

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