Chemistry for Real!

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Chemistry for Real!

This really comes as a surprise but most of the people whom I am acquainted with, but Of Course they are not from the Scientific Background assume and presume that both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering mean the same.

Scratch that! Some even think and often confuse that Chemistry and Pharmacist mean the same and when asked upon. They presume that the person who sells drugs and injections in the shops are those who have done chemistry.

Although I don’t blame them for that but still there is a lot of difference between those who are Chemists, Druggist/Pharmacists and those that are Chemical Engineers. However, I do dedicate this article to all those confused minds, so that the next time if asked upon, are in a position to ring their bells and think hard with their grey cells.

What’s About Chemistry:

Nonetheless said and done Chemistry is one of the Streams of Science, Mind Well not Engineering but Science, which specifically deals with Chemicals and Chemical Reaction. Chemistry deals with the techniques and processes of combining 2 or several chemicals to come up with a different substance having a new identity and character.

But Chemical Engineering is a whole lot different, and still goes 2 steps further as compared to Chemistry. Chemical Engineering not only deals with different processes and techniques that are required to invent and create a new product, but also the technology and the machinery which is required to make the new product.

Thus as already mentioned above it’s a branch of Science which studies extensively about the properties, the structure and the composition of matter, i.e. any substance. The stream of Chemistry is specifically concerned with Atoms and Molecules that make all substances.

For the bonds and the reactions that take place upon the combination of 2 different chemicals, so as to create a different chemical compound. Thus Chemistry studies the reactions of various electrons, microns, atoms, molecules when combined with other substances.

About Chemical Engineering:

As already explained above Chemical Engineering goes some steps further as compared to Chemistry. However, you can always visit our website for in depth and detailed knowledge about Chemical Engineering.

You can also visit our website mentioned above  for further information about chemical Engineering colleges in India and Post Graduate and Doctorate level Programs and Courses in Chemical Engineering.

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