Chemistry: A highlighted Significance

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If you visit this popular education online hub called www.careersamosa.comyou would see that I had just thrown some light and given a very brief introduction about Chemicals and Chemistry, you can read my article “Chemistry”?

Brief, because, I wanted to get rid of all those surrounding words (chemicals, chemistry chemical engineering), playing the mind. So in continuity with the last topic i would like to write in dept about the significance of Chemistry.

I just want to ask? In which century are we living? In which time? In this present world can we live of just on Water, Food and Fresh Air? like our Ancestors and Predecessors used to? Haven’t our needs and demands rising? that too like never before? aren’t they not  ever changing? and can they be met just by by raw nature, without exploring it?

Well there seems to be only one answer to these above questions,  and that too in one word”Chemicals”. Yes my dear readers this is the magic word, for without it, you would not be able even to read this article, since “no chemicals, no plastics, no laptops, no computers and even no Cellphones”.

So now you realize what it is our world with Chemicals? and without it? You just cant imagine, where would be living?and how would we be living? Probably i think so in stone age times? I mean just think, Everything, literally everything is made from Chemicals.

Even our automobiles at present comprise of chemicals such as Carbon Fibre and plastic, save the Chassis and the Engine, which are made of Steel. Even see the tyres are made of rubber and the steel cables surrounded by hard plastic.

Not to forget, once again, our Cellphones, our Laptops and our Computers, our very lifeline that seem to be controlling us. Would all this be possible without plastics?(again Chemicals). We just cannot afford to live without them, Also do you think you would be comfortable with a metal cell phone? or a metal laptop? or a metal desktop? or a metal LED TV? or metal OLED TV?

All these questions above, emphasize the importance of the field of chemistry, that too without a detail description. The way our life is shaped and controlled by chemistry, is sufficient enough to describe its importance.

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