What do Chemical Engineers do Exactly

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What do Chemical Engineers Do?

In both my previous articles I have been writing a lot about Chemical Engineering, as to what is Chemical Engineering exactly? What is the Scope and the Future of Chemical Engineering? Where do Chemical Engineers Stand? Etc.

So after writing so much about them there is certainly a question that may be haunting the minds of my dear and loyal readers, such as “What do Chemical Engineers do Exactly?” How do they Work and What do they Work As?

Well to begin with I would like to mention that chemical engineers are everywhere, literally everywhere there I not a thing except for the (Agriculture Sector), where they don’t exist.

Be it Plastics, or Chemicals, Rubber or Electronic Devices, Pharmacy, Paints and Colours, Medicines etc. as mentioned above except for the Agricultural Sector, i.e. the tilling of land and the sowing of seeds, but even over here they seem to have made their mark because of the use of Chemicals, Pesticides and Fertilizers that are used in the Agriculture Industry.

Besides the above mentioned industries, Chemical Engineers seem to make their mark even in the Food Industry, where they have been regularly and constantly improving the Food Processing Techniques and Methods, thereby increasing the quality and the quantity of food available.

Chemical Engineers also improve the quality of the clothes and the apparels that we wear, I still remember that during my childhood days there were clothes that were made mostly of Cotton, Polyester, Wool and Nylon but now days we have Lycra, Anti-sweat and Dry Fit T-shirts. We’ll all thanks and accolades to our Chemical Engineers, which make our life much easier.

Even the soap and the detergents that we use are all thanks to our chemical engineers, our present day soaps and detergents are much more effective as compared to some years before. Powerful detergents and bleaching agents such as that of Tide, Surf, Ariel, and Vanish are all the efforts and the pain that our Chemical Engineers endure. These don’t only wash our clothes stain free but also make them smell good, even after washing.

Contribution to Modern Day Technology?

Chemical Engineers also besides making and inventing all the above mentioned products, also engineer to design, develop and invent new machinery and technology. It’s not only those Mechanical Engineers that do it by themselves in Isolation, but in harmony with the Chemical Engineers, is this accomplished.

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