Chemical Engineering: Everything you wanted to know?

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Engineering is a vast World, very similar to our Universe, comprising of several disciplines, more than 20 or 23 of them, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile etc. Another factor that justifies its comparison with the Universe is its expanding nature. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, the field of Engineering has grown by leaps and bounds, just like from a baby to a Giant.

Chemical Engineering, as the word goes, is one of the many fields of Engineering which deals with chemicals. It a mixture of both worlds Chemical & Engineering, broadly speaking it applies all the Fundamentals and the Principles of Engineering to the Field of Chemistry.

Chemical Engineering is relative to the process and the method of converting the raw materials into finished products, as well as making available the Machinery and the Technology to accomplish this purpose.

Chemical Engineers conceive and design all the methods and the processes of converting, transforming and producing the raw material into a finished product, and then implement the machinery and the technology to accomplish this amazing feat.

To put it in another words, what starts in the laboratory with the experimenting of various chemicals ends up in the factory with its production, under sophisticated technology and machinery. Therefore it was mentioned earlier that it’s the applications of Engineering Principles and Techniques to the Art, Science of Chemistry.

In these days the scope of Chemical Engineering has multiplied several folds. With the ever increasing demand for new products made from a combination of several chemical reactions, Chemical Engineers just seem to have their corners cut everywhere.

We truly need to be indebted to these Chemical Engineers who create magic by inventing and discovering newer products and commodities every single day. Not only have they discovered new products, but also increased the utility of the present products by making them more efficient and multi-purpose.

I really feel and strongly believe that all those who want to make some difference by inventing and creating new products should opt for this Field of Engineering.

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