Chef as a Career Option in India

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Career as Chef


There is a Spanish proverb “El vientre gobierna la mente” which means “The belly rules the mind”, it sounds true. Whether you are feeling to carve something delicious or hungry, the only thing that occupies your mind space is food, food and just food.

Many of us are fond of cooking or are interested in cooking and like to experience various types of food items. With the growth in hospitality industry, the demand for chefs has also increase.

The word Chef is originated from the French phrase ‘chef de cuisine’ which means head or chief of the kitchen. A chef is a person who is capable with expert training to master the technique of cooking. He/she not only gets chance to spice up palatable dishes, but also make a fortune by way of it.

As a chef you can work in food and beverage department of various restaurants, resorts, airlines, hotels, food processing companies, cruise liners etc. Executive Chef is the top most position in this profession. A chef can also host/ anchor cookery shows on television, can become food journalist and also write cookery books.

Educational Qualification

To become a chef no formal education is required, but in order to get good job in well known organization, it is important to posses’ professional training. To opt for a course to be a chef, the minimum qualification required is 10+2. There are various institutes/ colleges that provide certificate, diploma, graduation and Post Graduate diploma course to be Chef. Some of the renowned institutes/ colleges that offer professional training for being chef are as follows:

Remuneration/ Income

A beginner can earn around Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 15000/- every month whereas an experienced person can earn around Rs. 50000/- to Rs. 60000/- every month. As an executive chef you can earn around Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh every month, depending on the organization you are working with.

So, do you get fascinated by colorful sights of food, exotic spices and like to experience different type of food items? If yes then Career as a chef is a good career option, as it is the Chef who nurtures the desire of winning million hearts by serving them with good food and holds the recipe for the success of any catering business or eatery.

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