CG PET 2015 Mathematics Syllabus

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CG PET 2015 Mathematics Syllabus:

The following given below is the CG PET 2015 Mathematics Syllabus, this article on the CG PET 2015 Mathematics Syllabus comprises the names of the topics /chapters and the sub topics.

Algebra of complex numbers; graphical representation of complex numbers; modulus and argument of complex numbers; Square root of a complex number; Triangular inequality. Cube roots of unity. Arithmetic; Geometric and harmonic progression, Arithmetic geometric and harmonic means between two numbers. Sum of Square and cubes of first Natural numbers. Quadratic equations; relations between roots and co-efficients; permutations and combination; binomial theorem (any index) exponential and logarithmic series. Determinants up to third order and their elementary properties; Matrices; types of matrices; ad joint and inverse of matrix; elementary properties of matrices; Partial fraction; Application in solving simultaneous equations up to three variables.

Trigonometry functions and their graphs; addition and subtraction Formula involving multiple and submultiples angles; general solution of triangles equations, Relations between sides and angles of a triangles, Solutions of triangles; inverse; trigonometrically functions; height and distance (Simple problems)

Co-ordinate Geometry of Two Dimensions:
Rectangular Cartesian co-ordinates; Straight line pair to straight line; distance of a point from a line angle between two lines. Circles, tangents and normal system of circles. Conic section; Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola in standard forms with elementary; properties tangents and normal

Co-ordinate Geometry of three Dimensions:
Rectangular co-ordinate system; direction cosine and direction ratios; equation of place in standard forms. Perpendicular distance from a point; equation of a line angle between two lines.

Vector Algebra:
Definition of vector; addition of vector; Components in three dimensional space; Scalar and vector products. Triple products; simple application in geometry and mechanics.

Differential Calculus:
Functional Polynomial; rational trigonometric; logarithmic and exponential. Inverse function; Limit continuity and differentiability of functions; differentiation of rational; trigonometric and exponential functions. Applications of derivative in elementary problems 84 in mechanics; increasing and decreasing functions. Maxima and Minima of function of one variable. Roll’s theorem and mean value theorem

Integral Calculus:
Integrations as the inverse process of differentiations; integration by the parts; by substitution and by partial fraction. Definite integral, Areas under simple curves.

Differential equations:
Formulation of differential equation; order and degree; solution of differential equations by separation of variable method. Homogenous linear differential equation of first order.

Probability addition and multiplication laws; conditional probability; binomial distribution; simple problem in correlation and regression.

Numerical methods:
Solution of equation by the methods of bisection; false-position and Newton-Raphson. Numerical integration by trapezoid and Simpson’s Rule.

Information Technology:
Basics of computer and its operations; Functional components; main parts of computer; Input devices; Output devices and Secondary storage devices; System software; Utility software; Application Software.

The following given above is the CG PET 2015 Mathematics Syllabus, this article on the CG PET 2015 Mathematics Syllabus comprises the names of the topics /chapters and the sub topics.

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