CAT 2015 Paper Pattern

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CAT 2015 Paper Pattern:

The following article given below has been written on the CAT 2015 Paper Pattern, this article “CAT 2015 Paper Pattern” provides information on important aspects of the CAT 2015 Examination Paper such as the number of sections asked in the examination, the duration of the examination etc.

Apart from the above this article also features additional supplementary information on the CAT 2015 Syllabus for the upcoming CAT 2015 entrance examinations.

(a)No of Sections asked in the Examination:

  • The CAT 2015 examination question paper shall comprise of 2 Sections, namely: (i) Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation & (ii) Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning.

(b)No of Questions asked in each section of the CAT Examination:

  • Each section mentioned above shall comprise of 50 questions in total.

(c)Nature of the questions, which are asked in the CAT 2015 examination:

  • All questions which are asked in the Examination shall consist of the Nature of Multiple Choice Questions.

(d)Mode of the CAT entrance Examination:

  • All candidates are required to note that from the year 2009, the CAT examinations are conducted through the Online Mode (Computer Based Test)

(e)Duration of the CAT 2015 Examination:

  • The CAT 2015 entrance examinations shall consist of 170 Minutes (i.e. 2 Hrs & 50 Minutes)

(f)Marks awarded for every Correct Answer:

  • Every Correct Answer shall fetch the Candidate 3 Marks

(g)Negative Marking in the Examinations:

  • All candidates are required to note that for every wrong answer (-1 Mark) shall be deducted

CAT 2015 Syllabus:

(a)Quantitative Ability:

  • Number Systems; LCM & HCF; Percentages; Profit, Loss & Discount; Interest (Simple & Compound); Speed, Time & Distance; Time & Work; Averages; Ration & Proportion; Linear Equations; Quadratic Equations; Complex Numbers; Logarithms; Progressions (sequences & series); binomial theorem; Surds & Indices; Inequalities; Permutations & Combinations; Probability; functions; Set Theory; Mixtures & Allegations; Geometry; Co-ordinate Geometry; Trigonometry; Mensuration

Data Interpretation:

  • Tables; Column Graphs; Bar Graphs; Line Charts; Pie Charts; Venn Diagrams; Caselets.

Logical Reasoning:

  • Number & letter Series; Calendars; Clocks; Cubes; Venn Diagrams; Caselets

Verbal Ability:

  • Vocabulary Based (synonyms & antonyms); English Usage or Grammar; sentence Correction; Fill in the Blanks; Closed Passage; analogies or Reverse analogies; Jumbled Paragraph: Meaning, Usage Match; Summary Questions; verbal Reasoning; Facts / Inferences / Judgements; Reading Comprehension

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