CAT 2015 Cut Off

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CAT 2015 Cut Off:

The Common Admission Test, (CAT) entrance examinations are one of the toughest entrance examinations which are held every academic year to admit candidates and students to the best Mgmt School in India. The CAT Entrance examinations are the only mode of admissions to the Indian Institute of Management (the IIMs), together with admissions to other Reputed Mgmt Institutes & Colleges.

The Common Admission Test entrance examinations are conducted every year in the month of November, where lakhs of candidates appear, with the hope of realizing their dream of post graduating in one of the finest educational institutes in the country.

CAT 2015 Examinations:

The Common Admissions Test are usually conducted in the month of November every year (already mentioned in the above), however the CAT 2015 examination dates have not yet been officially declared, but these could be also conducted in November’ 2015 (tentatively)

CAT 2015 Results:

The Results for the CAT entrance examinations are usually conducted within 1 month of the conclusion of the CAT entrance examinations. These are usually declared by the end of the 3rd Week of December every year, the CAT 2015 Results will also be declared at least by the 3rd Week of December 2015.

CAT 2015 Cut Off:

The CAT 2015 Cut off will be announced only once after the results will be declared. The CAT 2015 Cut off will be announced only through the online Mode. all the candidates will have to visit the official website for the CAT 2015 Cut Off list (only after the Results have been announced)

However, to give an idea of the CAT 2015 Cut Off, the following given below is the CAT 2014 Cut off list for admissions to the IIMs, all over India.

Category of CandidatesIIM-AIIM-BIIM-CIIM-LucknowIIM-IndoreIIM-KozhikodeIIM-ShillongIIM-RanchiIIM-RohtakIIM-Raipur
General Category90909590909070968596
SC Category75707575756560676067
ST Category70707070605550506050
NC-OBC Category80808580808070807580

The above mentioned article has been written exclusively for the “CAT 2015 Cut Off” which also includes the CAT 2014 cut off list for IIMs.

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