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mba in sales & marketing

As per one notion the sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people & that too more often & at higher prices. Marketing & Sales are considered as the lifeblood of any business households & no company can do without them.
Let us have a look at few of the widely popular career options post MBA in Sales & Marketing

  • Sales/Business Development: People involved in this section are mainly responsible for generating new businesses for the organization. They tend to have a good experience in building reasonably good rapport between sales person & the prospect. It is advisable that the person is well versed and completely familiar with the culture & geography. It is therefore necessary to have an in depth research about the subject in concern. Sales/Business Development is almost observed in all the organizations
  • Account Management: Account Management are devised the job of generating additional business from the existing clients. Their tasks usually comprises of including client engagement & identification of new ways to sell the company’s services or products to the allotted clients. Along with it, they also bear the pain to understand the client’s requirements & accordingly frame the company’s offerings to please the client. Areas encompassing account management are technology, pharmacy, automobiles, manufacturing, entertainment etc.
  • Brand Management: This is considered as one of the most trusted & highly in trend section given that it is associated with glamour & money. Brand Managers work collaboratively with many people. Brand Managers need to have understanding of the market in detail. Brand Management is more or less found in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), consumer electronics, automobile & other consumer oriented industries.
  • Product Marketing: A person marketing the product is a preacher of the product. They are not involved in product development. Scope of product marketing ranges from positioning, pricing, helping buyers with the required information, as well as interacting with customers.
  • Market Research: It involves getting to know more & more information about the customers & the prevailing competition. Market Research is extensively needed by the company in order to keep them updated with the existing scenario. Market Research can be traditional, qualitative, quantitative, primary or secondary. Market Research involves data analysis to a lot extent. Persons willing to be a part of Market Research have more scope in the field of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) as well as Pharmacy industries.

Hope these Careers in MBA-Sales & Marketing lead to a new career path all together.
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