Career as a Wedding Planner

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career as a wedding plannerMarriage-an important day in lives of two main people, bride & the groom. It marks the beginning of a new generation. Wedding Planners are the one who help this day to be more memorable for them. Basically, wedding planner’s job is to help couples have the wedding their style. It involves organizing the whole wedding from start to finish. One can entertain into this career if one loves meeting new people, organizing all sorts of things etc.

Excellent communication skills are required to get in to this profession. One can get along with different types of people & must possess Problem solving techniques.

Wedding & Event Planners work in the evenings & on weekends in order to meet the clients, & coordinate the events they plan. Wedding Planners are more or less busy during certain months of the year. Normally an emotional atmosphere persists in a wedding house. Wedding Planner acts as a mediator & psychologist in that case. Brides, Grooms & their families rely on their wedding planner to be the voice of reason & be calm through out the wedding process & on the wedding day.

Requirements to become a Wedding Planner?

career as a wedding plannerAs such there is no required certifications or licenses needed in order to become a wedding planner. If one asks from different wedding planners one shall get to hear all together numerous means or ways on how they ended up getting into this profession.

One can start with planning events for religious places, parties being organised in family or at friend’s place. Any sort of prior experience shall prove to be handy for those willing to make career as a wedding planner.

Nature of work of a wedding planner

career as a wedding plannerA wedding planner may have to indulge in these jobs:

  • Meeting couples to discuss the details about the wedding as well as the budget.
  • Coming up with creative ideas & themes.
  • Providing on wedding customs or etiquette.
  • Preparing proposals & quotations related to work.
  • Deciding for price on number of items such as florists, photographers, venues, caterers, boutique etc.
  • Maintaining a record so as to keep an eye that things are managed within the said budget.
  • During the event, reach before time & make sure things are going well as per planned.
  • Constantly doing the research work for new products, services & suppliers via word of mouth, online mode etc.
  • Updating your website with the current events & happenings.

Income of a wedding planner

It takes years of hardwork & patience to build a reputation & strong foothold in the business as a wedding planner. Many wedding planners have sustained a long term career for the only reason being their sheer passion. Initially they can make Rs.30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-per event. After gaining experience they can demand as many bucks as they can.

Wedding Planners can also gain experience by organizing events for different communities & religions all together. Wedding Planners need to market their business, sell their services, determine the pricing, invoice & bill clients, attend various events & analyze where & how to advertise. Along with it, they must learn how to interview & hire staff as much as possible.

Interested people can also look up for a Career as a Professional Wedding Photographer.

So gear up & start planning 🙂

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