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Film Producers & Directors on most occasions don’t like to risk their investment in their leading actor’s million-dollar smile…when it comes to take a leap from a sky-high burning building, have a tussle, jump from a window or if nothing then mount over  a bridge on a motorcycle. That’s where the need for a Stuntman arises!!

They hire a trained, Professional Stuntman to get done such stunts from them. Usually Stuntmen star in some of the coolest, most exciting & the most dangerous parts of the movies. For a stuntman, each day appears to be different. This particular dangerous job has no limits. The nature of this job is not so glamorous as it seems to be. Injuries & fatal accidents are a part & parcel of this type of job, on account of which irregular work cycles can place stuntmen out of work for weeks & months all together.

working environment & salary of stuntman
Stuntmen nearly spent 14-16 hours of their day working for their stunts. Basically there are three types of stunts:

  1. Practical Effects: Fighting, Short falls, Slips etc..
  2. Mechanical Effects: Stunts like Long-Fall making use of machines, wires, cables etc..
  3. Vehicular Stunts: Stunts involving vehicles like cars, boats, planes etc..

Apart from performing daredevil stunts, stuntmen also coordinate & plan the stunts, deciding on equipment to be considered, making any mathematical calculation needed & giving due importance to safety measures & emergency procedures. They put in efforts to make the stunt & movie as credible as possible.

Working Conditions for a Stuntman:

Stuntmen need to work on film sets, anywhere around the world, any location, weather environment & time. Stuntmen perform the most dangerous stunts but they work in a monitored movie set with complete safety measures, medical aids etc.

Risk Level:

risk factor for stuntman

Previously the death toll & persons getting injured were on a high but with advanced times & technology such as Computer Generated Imaginery (CGI) has helped to a lot extent to lower this rate. Risk levels can be tackled with improved medical & technological facilities.

Working hours:

This is a difficult business to work in & demands both Stuntman as well as Stunt woman as in many movies actresses also need to perform stunts. It is a known fact that there is a dearth of Stunt women in this industry.

Stuntmen may work for long hours may be up to 16 hours a day all together or may be for as long as they are needed on the set. This job does not follow any particular schedule as stuntmen may even need to sit without work for a longer time may be due to their sustained injuries or lack of work.

Pay scale for stuntmen:

Previously stuntmen were paid very less but with their increasing demand in the film industry , they are being paid hefty amount somewhere around Rs. 75000/- to Rs.80000/- per stunt. Their salary depends on the stunt & the risk factor involved in it.

Requirements to become a stuntman:

A stuntman should sport an athletic body with physical capabilities & acting skills since they are performing for the particular actor in their place & a background in gymnastics proves to be an added advantage.

Skills like martial arts, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving & scuba diving are really important for a stuntman to be precise in.

Career opportunities for a stuntman:

This being a dangerous profession, not everyone can jump into it. One needs to have good amount of contacts & networking to find business in this field. Finding work is a tough part of this Profession. They can even act as stunt coordinator & advisors on movie sets & plan & guide stuntmen through their stunt.

For all those adventurous people having an eye to perform any kind of breath taking stunts are open for the career as a stuntman.

Help us in upgrading our knowledge on the Profession of Stuntman. 🙂

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