Career as a Stock Broker & Investment Analyst

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Career as a Stock Broker & Investment AnalystThere is this famous proverb by Warren Buffet which goes perfectly with this piece of information, “Rule No.1: Never lose Money Rule No.2: Never forget Rule No.1”.  Stocks & share market have always fascinated one & all. The luring part being the unimaginable amount of gain obtained from it. “The Bears & Bulls Market” has its own history starting form BSE “(Bombay Stock Exchange) advancing now to MCX ( Multi Commodity Exchange Stock Exchange).

Along with it, trading has also advanced from Paper Trading to Electronic or Online Trading.  Indian stock market has got bright career opportunities when it comes to trading & if one wishes to make it as his/her profession. Many ponder over the same question, “How to deal with the stock market?”

A person willing to step in stock market, needs to be economically educated, since stock market is based on economy of the country along with the global economy. There are numerous goods to be dealt with for example shares, agricultural goods, bullion metals. It’s similar to virtual trading business with people earning profits & at times bearing losses as well.

There are mainly two types of analysis which can be helpful in gaining more moolah. They are Technical Analysis of Stocks & Fundamental Analysis. The stockbrokers are involved in buying & selling securities for individuals or institutions. The stock market attracts international trading & investments as well. These days stock market transactions are being organized on computer systems & deals are recorded for the purpose of inspection.

Stock brokers are mainly involved in carrying out operations for private clients as well as institutes. Providing advice on equity sales. Services of Portfolio Management are also provided by the stock brokers. Stock Brokers take into consideration the on-going trends & developments in the market. Stock Brokers are said to be specialists in bond issues, mutual funds etc.

Career as a Stock Broker & Investment AnalystStock Broker needs to deal with private clients & live upto their expectations. They advise on investments, as well as sale & purchase of stocks & execute many orders for buying or selling of shares.

One must necessarily possess patience, analytical & logical thinking, good verbal as well as written communication skills & knowledge of national & international trading.

Interested persons can take up their certified courses from;

ICFAI, Hyderabad

[ Diploma in Capital Market for candidates pursuing Graduation can be completed within 9-12 months.]

For Certified Investment Banker, there is no sort of admission test required.

To get into it, NSE Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) being an online test is conducted in order to evaluate the financial understanding of an individual.

Along with that, Mutual Fund Brokers & agents need to be certified by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). In order to obtain membership of the stock exchange training of a minimum period of six months with the broking firm is required.

So get ready to witness some highs-lows for the year ending!! We hope we provided you with ample information within minimum time. Feel free to share your views. 🙂

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