Career in Sports in India

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Career in Sports


Sports is considered as a hobby in India, but many of us aspire to make our hobby as career. Sports have emerged as one of the profitable career options in the country. It is something that comes naturally to some of the people whereas some of them develop the skills for a particular sport as per their interest.

Sports industry is very vast with excess of opportunities. It not only comprises of football, cricket, hockey etc but a sum of physical fitness, medicine and all types of sports. With success in commonwealth games and other major international sports events, the demand of sports/ games has increased. Nowadays, youngsters want to go for their career in sports rather with their studies.

As a sports person you can built your career by playing at state level, national level and even international level. An experienced sports person can also work as a coach, fitness instructor, umpire/ referee, team manager, sports photographer, sports journalist or sports commentator and more.


To be a sports person it is important for you to be physically strong, enthusiastic and physically strong. Besides this there are various institutes that provide professional training in sports. To opt for or join these institutes the minimum qualification required is 10+2. There are different diploma, certificate, undergraduate and post graduate diploma programmes available in sports. Some of the top institutes are listed below:


Earning of a sports person completely depends on the sporting activity he/she chooses. This is spirited and vigorous field, it is only the capability of the sport person that matters and delivers excellent performance on regular basis.

Sport is a healthy and exciting field, if you are really passionate about sport then is a very satisfying and rewarding career option.

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