Career in Public Relations

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career in public relation

Career in Public Relations
proves to be a pathway for those persons having excellent communication skills & the ones who wish to pursue a career that offer an opportunity to interact with interesting people. This happens to be a profession where in a person needs to understand the listener’s subconscious mind & mould it accordingly.

Public Relations is considered as the art & social science of analyzing trends, predicting the consequences, counselling organizational leaders, along with implementation of planned programs of action. It is really important so as to handle & manage people & holding an inclination to influence people’s view thereby creating a particular image of an individual or organization amongst the general public.

Skills Required for Public relations:

Candidates planning to pursue a career in Public Relations must possess excellent communication skills along with being passionate about media related tasks & events. If one follows the news on day-to-day basis, one can take up the profession of PR. Or the other way round, if one is more interested in technical subjects like computer science or pure science or even finance & accounting. One should take note that the salary of a PR professional is as good as Sales & Marketing Professionals or IT Professionals.

Job Opportunities for Public Relations:

Job Opportunities for Public Relations Professionals is comparatively very much satisfying in various organizations provided that the applicants have exceptionally good communication skills & convincing abilities. Advertising agencies & Marketing companies are constantly looking out for PR Professionals. PR Professionals many a times pursue a course in photography or visual communication along with the PR course & get placed with film making agencies.

Job opportunities in India are bright since India is a nation dominated by film & series. Examples: Balaji Telefilms, Mukta Arts etc. normally display their openings for creative heads & creative advertisement professionals.

Pay Package in Public Relations:

As a beginner, the pay package can be around Rs.20000/-  to Rs.25000/- per month depending on the skills. In case a person is joining as a Personal Secretary to CEO, one can earn anywhere around Rs. 2 lacs to Rs.3 lacs.

On contrary to it, if one applies to a news channel or a tv channel as a newsreader or anchor one can expect salaries above Rs.30000 per month. One should be ready to work in various shifts & travel places around.

With a tremendous growth in TV channels, news channels, IT companies & BPO’s & KPO’s the need for PR Professionals is on a rise. In areas such as hotel management, shipping & logistics PR Professionals are in high demand.

Identify that spark within yourself & take up a Career in Public Relations & be a part mostly consisting of the media brigade.

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