Career in Public Relation (PR) in India

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Public Relation (PR) as a Career Option


Public relation is management that is concerned with evaluating and monitoring public attitudes as well as maintaining mutual understanding and relation between organization and its public. Their main function is to ensure proper channel of both internal and external communication.

This profession of PR management is increasing gradually and emerging as one of the promising career options. Both government and private PR companies are facing cut-throat competition to promote their facilities, products and services.

The public relation professionals are very assuring in many industries. Marketing companies and advertising agencies are usually are in search of PR professionals. PR officers can work in corporate sector, government agencies, public sector, hotels, banks, tourist agencies etc. They work inside and outside the organization.


To be public relation (PR) professional, you must have good communication skills to express thoughts simply and clearly. Besides communication skills the minimum academic qualification required is bachelor‘s degree in any discipline. There are various institutes/ colleges that offer diploma and post graduate diploma programme in public relation. Some of the good colleges/ institutes for Public relation (PR) are as follows:

Income / Salary

As a Public relation (PR) manager, a fresher can earn around Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 20000/- every month and as the experience increase your pay scale will also increase in leaps and bounds as well as can reach up to top level of Public relation (PR) department.

Public Relation (PR) professionals should have good communication skills and should be able to express the information clearly. If you have good promotional skills then Publication Relation (PR) is a good career option.

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