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Print Media as Career

printmedia careers

The utility of mass communication is increasing in day to day life, as various tools of mass communication such as journals, newspapers, magazines, Television, Radio are accessible to everybody.

Print media is one of the oldest forms of media. This form of media is still growing with strengths. There are various small, medium and large newspapers and magazines across the country. Nowadays even remote villages are aware of the nation and international events through newspapers.

Print media is divided into two parts that is:

  • Field work- involves collecting news, reporting or as correspondent etc
  • Desk work- involves editing/ copy editing, proof reading etc

There are many youngsters who aspire to get into this field of print media. In print media they sleek young talent as artist, editors, photographers, computer experts, cartoonist etc. Magazines and newspapers cover wide range of specialized sections which demands for professionally qualified journalists. A professional personal can work as a freelancer in print media.

Educational Qualification

Print media being part of mass communication and journalism, there are various institutes/ colleges that offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate programs. To opt for a bachelor’s course in journalism and mass communication, the minimum qualification required is 10+2. Following are some of the best institutes/ colleges for journalism and mass communication in India:

Income / Remuneration

In print media a beginner can earn around Rs. 5500/- to Rs. 12000/- per month. It is a rewarding profession, as it includes fringe benefits. An experienced person has chances to earn more depending on the company you work with. Freelancers are paid for each piece as per their work.

Print media is a field for those who are interested in writing, reporting, collecting various types of news etc. With the raise in the field of journalism and mass communication, the demand of print media has also increase with good career opportunities.

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