Career options after MBA Finance

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MBA Finance is not new to anyone. Now a days sizeable amount of people opt for this stream of MBA & hence have made it all the more popular among the masses. For the very simple reason, MBA Finance makes way for high paying jobs. With the global financial crisis continuing to threaten world trade, companies all over the world feel the need for financial specialists. Financial specialist are known to come up with quick solutions in such cases. Finance is indeed an important part among the processes of any company.

As an MBA Finance Graduate one is more likely to find opportunities with banks, financial consultants, other finance related firms. Of course one can become a part of investment banking, international & corporate finance, merchant banking etc..On gaining enough of experience one can enter government & private financial organizations presenting a role of consultant & assist them with the financial policies.

Career options after MBA Finance

Business Banking

Can be considered as a core area of finance where in there are plenty of opportunities for those who hold an MBA Finance degree. One can make a mark as a Credit analyst which involves assessing loan applications from customers & companies. One can also work as a loan officer having idea how business operates. Experience gained from that of a loan officer shall take you to become a senior banking professional. Offering advice to customers can land you in the job of a trust officer.

Corporate Finance

Over here, one deals with the funds of the company, take up with monetary decisions, plan for mergers & future investments & increase the shareholder value there by. If you have got the aptitude for motivating people & deal in numbers really well then you can take up with the position of a treasurer.

Apart from that, MBA-Finance has also got openings in Financial Planner, Investment Banker, Real Estate Planner, Credit Manager,Investor relations officer, insurance advisor etc..

Thus the opportunities are endless if one looks out for Career options after MBA Finance. 

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