Career options for Hotel Management Students

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Career options for Hotel Management Students:

Hotel Management in real is a very large industry which does comprise of several sub fields and disciplines within it. Most of us are of the opinion that when it comes to Hotel Management, it would usually comprise of being a Chef or House Keeping? But there more to what meets the eye.

However, there is just no doubt about it that the Hotel Management system includes House Keeping, apart from being a Chef. But there are several other alternatives that are also available to all those potential students and candidates who are really interested in making it large in this sector.

The following given below is a list of several Career Options for Hotel Management Students.

(a)Being a Hotelier or an Entrepreneur:
Having your own chain or hotels where you are the boss and not required to work for anybody ranks first among all the other Hotel Management Career Options. After having worked in a reputed and versatile chain of hotel, and having gained some experience, there would indeed not be any career options that even comes close to this career option to compete with.

(b)Being a Chef:
The Chef indeed is the backbone of any hotel or even a restaurant, and its this person who can indeed work magic on everybody pallets with his wonderful cook menus and aroma. This is indeed one of the most preferred career option among most of the hotel management students after the above.

(c)Joining the Retail Sector:
The Retail Sector or the Retail Industry also offers a very wide variety of career alternative to all the Hotel Management Students, there are several job opportunities that are available over here such  as that of working as a Receptionist in the Hotel Industry or in Hospitals as well as Corporate Offices. Another work profile that could comprise would be Back Office Jobs in the Hospitality Sector.

(d)The Airline Industry:
This is also a very lucrative alternative for all those who are passionate about travelling in flights, potential candidates can join either a Flight Steward or even as an Air Hostess. There are quite tempting pay packages that are being offered in this sector, almost 25,000/- for domestic airlines and twice the amount for International Air Carriers.

(e)Other Career Options:
Apart from the above there are other alternatives too that are not so popular but still can make an impression on any minds. All potential students can also avail to work as a Restaurant Manager; Bar Manager, Banquets Manager, Food and Beverage Manager Etc.


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