Career Options after BCA Degree

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BCA stands for Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA). It is a natural tendency that the aspirants securing BCA Degree often move ahead to carry out Masters in the same field. All those people interested in Information Technology field choose to do MBA/MCA after BCA.

BCA creates a base for quite a successful career where as MCA adds the specialization touch. The major subjects covered in BCA are basics of technological applications such as mathematics, data base management system, business data processing, system analysis, statistic and optimization techniques. In Masters Degree these subjects are being taught at a higher level & with the final semester students are asked to appear for the Project Work. Specialization fields for MCA are Systems Management, Systems Development, Management Information System etc..

There are a lot more Career Options after BCA Degree available for all the students. One can take up a job in the field of Software Developer, Web Designer, Systems Management etc..

The job of a Software Engineer includes many levels in the hierarchy. The employment in this sector is generated with the systems requirement. In larger organizations proper systems department is set up with specialists working on it as in the case of smaller organizations where software engineers manage the whole system.

To list down few of the key responsibilities of an IT Professional is to develop new software to manage the work with equal ease, integrating software with the existing systems, testing the new software & their feasibility, ensuring whether the software is user friendly or not.  A Software Professional can be a specialist in a core language & turn out to be a consultant too. There are many jobs with web services getting popularity in India.  Depending on a person’s caliber there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector.

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