Career options after B.Com

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Ever wondered why one aspires for higher education? For obvious reasons, one studies to attain better standards of living, respectable recognition in the society bagged by higher status & moreover one gets to be financially sound & secure.

Commerce was always considered at a higher version & demands more prestigious position than Arts. If you have reached a position, whereby you have reached in your Final Year of Graduation & still wondering what next after B.Com? This question must be dwindling in many youngsters minds so as to “What should I choose as a Career?”

Earning huge income is inevitable for today’s youngsters as it increases the standard of living of the individuals. But wait & think for a while, is money everything? If so, then what about your career? If you are a Bachelors Of Commerce, then don’t lose hope as there are plenty of options available.

Here are a few career options we would like to suggest as far as career options after B.Com are concerned.

1. Accountancy:

No matter in which so ever era we survive, we are always in a dire need of Accountants.  Sectors requiring Accountants are Auditing, Tax, Corporate Finance. One can easily take up a part time job as well. Auditors need to pay a visit in various Companies & at a future date one can start with their own consultancy firm for Accountancy.

2. Banking Sector:

Choosing a Banking Career can never go wrong with Commerce Grads. The Banking Sector is in high spirit majority times not just in India but in other countries as well. Banking Career is accompanied along with various merits.

3. Stock Market:

Craving for a rich life style? Here is what you must root for. Stock Market is the correct option in this case. The adrenaline rush is at its peak in this profession. One can get a chance to convince their clients in order to buy or sell their stocks.

4. Taxation Consultant:

As a tax consultant or tax officer, one can initially work in a company. Later on you can broaden the horizon or else work from home as a tax consultant.

The above mentioned courses require a simple B.Com Degree, but if a person is more determined & is willing to climb the success ladder, a little more studies shall help you to acquire high positioned jobs. These can be Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Certified Management Accountant, MBA in finance etc..

Do comment below & let us know which of the career options you chose to take up with. good Luck!! 🙂

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