Career mistakes to be avoided by every employee

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Mistakes to avoid

One must not lose perspective, vision & strategy over the years in the job. Over here we would like to break down few of the biggest career mistakes normally people make.

1. On losing the sight of your career

One does not necessarily have the strategy for the work life & end up evaluating every job opportunity & challenge in a rather random way. Each new job opportunity is categorized on the basis of hike in the salary,  desirable working location, better working environment,

2. Trying to please everyone

If one is already expecting a lot from the group that he/she is working with, one tries to grab affirmation from that particular group members by being genuine, authentic & real. If one is expecting to be judged or evaluated based on the results, then the validation & reassurance holds high values to the person. Take the required help of your motivators who are able to provide you the needed help.

3. Take a break from your image

Wear a smile throughout the day, one can certainly feel positive with it. Observe other people around you, whom you look up to. Are they portraying a suitable image which is followed & liked by majority? Try learning from them & take a tip or two as well as imbibe the good qualities.One must make great attempts to present yourself in a way that makes you feel confident & happy.

4. Jumping from one industry to the other

Normally people change, jobs but changing industry is all together a different thing in itself. It can prove to be as a sign of red flag for the future employers. In a urge for newness, excitement & challenges, people knowingly or unknowingly set a high target for themselves & end up getting into unrelated industries. There are adverse impacts of changing industries. Your efforts for the work is hardly seen in that process.

5. Banishing the network

To remain active in the contacts that you have nurtured through out is very important. It so happens that when the time is good & things are on the positive front, these network contacts disappear. Find ways to help the people in your network through information or insights. Through this way, your caring nature is reflected which shall be highly appreciated.

6. Ignorance of feedback

One may not know what the world thinks about him/her until & unless they receive feedback. Try to collect genuine feedback by the people you trust & respect. Above all, regardless of the answers received thank them for their feedback. At times the feedback is not exactly what is expected or hoped by someone but it shall certainly help you in understanding your current brand.

If you feel you have committed any of the above mistakes or any more such as going against your values let us know & how you gonna fix them now?

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