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scope of hospitality & tourism


According to one report, travel & tourism accounts for 8% of the world’s jobs & has reserved the highest probability for growth of this industry. If one takes note, international travel alone narrates more than 840 million tourists annually. The economic, social & environmental impact of the tourism is powerful & critical in order to create productive job & improve quality of living.

The hospitality industry has expanded beyond the traditional areas of hotels, guesthouses & restaurants. Hospitality & tourism together represent a wide range of career opportunities within industries such as :

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants & commercial food service
  • Meetings & event planning
  •  Tourism destinations & attractions
  • Leisure, recreation & sports management
  • Airlines, cruises & other transportation
  • Cultural tourism development
  • Spa & wellness management

Scope of Hospitality & Tourism:

Hospitality & Tourism provides fabulous opportunities for ambitious students who wish to work with people. The level of competition is tremendously high in hospitality & tourism industry. It shall be beneficial to the budding aspirants to be well versed with the business foundation & customer service skills.

Graduates of  hospitality & tourism management programmes are well rounded with mixed combination of business & life skills highly demanded by the employers.

While choosing  a suitable hospitality & tourism management program, few things should be kept in mind.

Things to be noted while choosing hospitality & tourism management programme:

  • Are one’s career objectives met by institute’s curriculum?
  • Whether the institute is located in a tourist surrounded destination with strong support of major hotels?
  • Know-How regarding faculty’s academic credentials & industry experience
  • Details on percentage of support provided to international students
  • Opportunities on language study

Job Roles in hospitality & tourism industry:

  1. Rooms division:
    Front office manager, Reservations manager, Guests Services Manager, Security Manager
  2. Receptionist:
    Working at front desk of hotel , resort etc  being the first person with whom guests deals.
  3. Accommodation Manager/Assistant:
    In charge for the cleanliness of bedrooms, & other public areas of hotel.
  4. Events & leisure:
    Includes Director of events,  Conference & Banqueting Management, Event Manager.

Other Managerial Roles include:

-General Manager/Group General Manager
-Duty Manager
-Sales & Marketing Manager
-Human resource manager

On the other hand,

Tourism related organizations include:

  • Tourism offices
  • Tour guides
  • Travel agents
  • Reservation Centers
  • Airlines
  • Leisure Centers
  • Spas
  • Museums
  • Cultural attractions
  • Heritage Centers
  • Tourist shops

Thus if candidates are interested in this field, can participate in it, where in addition to the above courses in tourism, covering areas like, Cultural tourism, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Planning, Museum Management, Heritage Management & Cultural tourism.

Share your valuable thoughts & views for the same.

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