Career as a Hair Stylist

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career as a hair stylist
What if someone compliments you at a party saying “You look a million dollars with this new hairstyle”. Won’t you give cent percent of the credit to your Hair Stylist? Here is when your Hair Stylist comes to your rescue. A Hair Stylist helps one to look his/her best & feel confident within. It is a known fact that many women place more trust in their hair stylist than they do in anyone else.

A hairstyle either makes or mar one’s look. If a person is dressed best right from the perfect dress, to accessorizing, funky shades, drooling footwear but what if he/she messes up with one’s hair..They can still be the center of attraction but acting as a jack or an object being bullied by everyone around.To avoid this, styling your hair in the best possible manner is a fabulous trick to turn heads towards you.

A hair stylist is one who must have aspired to combine your natural creativity along with professional skills so as to make you more beautiful & confident. Hair Styling has always been popular as a beauty career. Hair Styles & Designs are constantly evolving & going in & out of style right from short to long, up or down, straight, curly & feathered, styles for round, long & perfectly shaped faces, bobs & bouffants & of course whatever the clients consider cool!!

Hair Stylists perform a variety of services such as coloring & cutting hair. Apart from this they also recommend products & techniques that help with hair maintenance. Many hair stylists work in salons, employment opportunities are available in other industries too.

Skills needed to become a Hair Stylist:

career as a hair stylist

Apart from technical skills, manual know-how that is, the ability to use your hands & fingers well & knowledge of fashion & trends. Along with that a hair stylist must possess relatively good interpersonal skills. Hair Stylist must be service-oriented & should be patient enough to listen to all the requirements of their clients.

Educational Qualification required for a Hair Stylist:

It is advisable if the persons willing to become hair stylist are Graduate as it keeps a lot many options open on a later date. Getting enrolled in beauty or hair design school is the next step.

Job Description of a Hair Stylist:

A hair stylist needs to perform the following tasks:

  • A hair stylists talks to clients regarding their requirements
  • Cut hair using clippers, scissors, razors
  • Shampoo, condition & rinse hair
  • Providing services such as coloring, bleaching, permanent waving, straightening, curling etc
  • Taking care about the hygiene & sanitation

Salary of a Hair Stylist:

Initially a hair stylist earns around Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 2 Lac per annum. With experience & wide publicity, they may even end up earning Rs.1.80 lac to Rs. 2.85 Lac. Once the hair stylist has a hold over the market & has well established his/her career then sky is the limit!!

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