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With the rise in globalization & other environment related issues. it is high time that we take a step ahead towards environment & wildlife protection. The environment mainly includes the plantation, trees, plants, herbs, shrubs etc. Matters such as deforestation, global climatic change, water scarcity, natural disasters etc are all related to the effective & controlled use of forest wealth.

Keeping the above things in mind, the rising demand of Forester has increased. The Forester is a person who is responsible for protecting & regenerating forests, protection of wildlife habitats, checking for & fighting wild fires, landscape management etc.

Forestry is the science of development & care of forests as well as the management of growing timber. Forestry is all about establishment of relation between nature & man on the basis of the knowledge of forest state, functions performed in its conservation, along side solving problems of running & organic structure of forests.

The Indian land is facing a severe degradation problem, it is the need of the hour to recruit responsible people to take care of the same. With the changing times, forestry as a profession &  a responsibility has now turned out to be as a global concern where in preservation & conservation of the natural wealth is the prime aim.

Eligibility for Forestry:

Numerous courses are available in Forestry at Diploma, Graduate, Post Graduate as well as Ph.D Levels. Specializations are available in topics such as Commercial Forestry, Forest Economics, Wood, Science & Technology, Wildlife Science, Forest Products, Soil Sciences, Waste Management & Tree Improvement & Genetic Resources.

Job Description in Forestry:

The main area of working in Forestry is to advise clients on good forestry practices, advising woodland owners on planting design & species choice, budgeting, public access, ecological surveys, forest certification.

They are even assigned with the task of organizing, growing, harvesting, marketing the sale of timber. They are expected to plan out for wasteland development.

Having correct & latest information about legal changes & latest developments. They pledge to protect forests from illegal felling, pests & diseases as well promotes Eco tourism.

Career Opportunities in Forestry:

Persons can work as ;

Dendrologists: It involves measuring, grading & classifying varieties of trees, ways of tree improvement through aforestation etc.

Ethnologists: It studies about evolution, behavior, biological functions etc of an organism in its natural way. They study about animal behavior.

Entomologists: They specialize in the study & control of diseases caused by insects & pests.

Silviculturists: This refers to growth of plantation which yields good harvest.

Forest Range Officers: Forest Range Officers are entrusted in the task of taking care of public forests, sanctuaries, botanical gardens etc.

Zoo Curators: They undertake conservation programs as well as are responsible for animal welfare.

Career Prospects in Forestry:

Foresters can have the scope to work in areas such as offices, laboratories, governmental & non governmental organizations interested in preservation of forests resources, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Wildlife Research Institutes etc.

Salary in Forestry:

Salary for a Junior Scale Employee lies between Rs.8000 to Rs.13500/-

Post of Junior Administrative Grade is Rs.12000 to Rs.16050/-

For the Post of Chief Conservator of Forests it is Rs.18400 to Rs.22400/-

Inspector General- Rs.26000/-

Those working with governmental organizations are entitled to accommodation, official vehicle & other government allowances.

Interested students please make an effort towards conservation of environment & if one has got liking for outdoors, organizing ability, public relations skills, practicality, courage, decision making ability, curiosity & excellent skills of observation etc are very well open for a Career in Forestry.

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