Career in Documentary Filmmaking in India

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Documentary Filmmaking as Career


Documentary Filmmaking can be described as a visual expression that tries to portray reality on screen. It is a type of visual expression that refers to movies shot on film stock. A piece of documentary is an art which is meant for entertainment and to convey message to the masses.

Documentary filmmaking requires special skills for capturing shots on fly. In simple words, it is a medium to communicate a message by the means of visual in a well mended real story. Documentary film making requires a blend of technicality, creativity and reality.

To be a successful documentary maker, you should have a good vision and have quality of creative interpretation of reality. Documentary filmmaking is amongst the most challenging and bright career option.

As a documentary filmmaker, you can work with NGOs in order to convey their ideas and messages to the world. You can also work with television channels such as History channel, National Geographic, Discovery, CNN- IBN and many other such channels that showcase documentaries to make the world familiar to reality.

Education Qualification

Documentary Filmmaking is a rising career option that showcases reality to the world. It is a technical job and you require skill for it. There are many youngsters interested in this profession. You can opt for a course in documentary filmmaking after completing 10+2 or after graduation. There are very few institutes that offer detailed courses in documentary filmmaking in India. Some of the well known institutes/ colleges that offers degree, diploma and certificate programmes for documentary filmmaking are as follows:

  • Amrita School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi
  • Editworks School of Mass Communication, Noida
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  • Anhad Institute of Media Studies, Srinagar
  • Amity School of Journalism and Communication, New Delhi

Remuneration/ Income

There is no fixed income for documentary filmmakers on monthly basis. You generate income on the basis of the projects you work on. A technically experienced documentary filmmaker earns more as compared to a fresher/ beginner.

Documentary Filmmaking is interesting as well as tough profession, as it involves a lot of hard work. If you have interest in exploring the actually world, documentary filmmaking can be a good career option to go for.

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