Career as a Copywriter in India

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Career as a Copywriter in IndiaIt is truly said that best education leads to quality jobs & standard of living for any person. Very few in the crowd of millions are able to figure out that they are stuck in the wrong zone or field of study. Their heart actually lies somewhere else.  The media, fashion industry has continued to remain glamorous & has continued to fascinate one & all.

People are very much keen to look out what is best offered in the job accompanied by huge income & most importantly how to get there. Simple technique is to narrow down one’s interest & love for advertising, tourism or photography & copy writing.Focusing on our last aspect “Copy writing”  let us learn a word or two about them.

What is copy writing?

Copy writing is all about making available the usual words which are read or heard in advertisements. a person who does that job is known as a “Copywriter”. This shall also consist of slogans, jingles,jotting down text & stuff for catalogs, leaflets, journals etc. In another aspect copy writing also takes up the role of forming various scripts for television & commercials. Another great department which is incomplete without copy writing is that of visual art work. Thus it is said that visual art work & copy writing go hand in hand.

Eligibility criteria for a Copy Writer

An intermediate candidate can opt for copy writing course offered in various institutes. For Post Graduation purpose, a Graduate Degree in Copy Writing is necessarily required.

Areas of work for a copywriter

  • Mainly copywriters are hired by publication houses as well as the broadcast media to help them in promotion of their sale of various products all together.
  • Copywriters look forward to the areas of interest as well as the demand of the clients & present their ideas in front of them accordingly.
  • Copywriters are needed to discuss the background of the product as well as their themes & strategy in depth with the client & the required changes shall be adopted accordingly.
  • Copywriters are the ones who are in constant touch with the sales, media, marketing department in order to gain as much information about the product as possible & convey the necessary changes to them.
  • Articles are needed to be published by the copywriters for promotional activities which are later on used in speeches, bulletins etc.
  • Copywriters are touted to be the mastermind behind inventing slogans, names, jingles for numerous products which gain instant fame many a times.
  • Last but not the least, Copywriters need to undertake extensive research work related to the particular product & examine each of its features carefully & decide on which is to be promoted & laid emphasis on.

Skills required to become a copywriter

  1. Total fluency in languages (preferably linguistic)
  2. Excellent editing as well as proof reading skills
  3. Analytical and visualization skills
  4. Knowledge about computer, layout & design
  5. Imaginative mind & strong willpower, willing to accept rejection at some point or the other

Job titles for copywriter

Copywriters can seek job opportunities in media such as Television, radio, advertising agencies, private as well as public industries, multinational firms etc.

Salary of a copywriter

Initially a copywriter can stick to Rs. 30000/- per month which shall then rise to Rs.86000/- (per month) to Rs.4.29 lakhs per annum!!

Institutes offering admissions in copy writing courses

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