Career as a Comedian

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Attempting to be funny is no Joke!! Making people laugh on a consistent basis is an art form. Comedians are those people who pursue these skills. Thus the comedy masterminds know what to say, when to say it & to whom to say it. Developing one’s natural abilities provides one with the confidence & skills to achieve the desired dream.

Comic minds tend to come from all types of backgrounds & stages of life. The comic streak can be presented in the form of a stand up comedian or may be writing material for comic shows.  But in order to make a career many people choose to become a stand-up comedian. Let us have a look at the same.

Career as a Comedian

What is Stand-Up Comedy?

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Stand-up comedy refers to type of comedic show routine where in a comedian performs in front of a live audience for the only purpose of making them laugh.

Every stand-up comedian usually has his/her own style & the most talented & the famous comedians are normally remembered for their unique styles. Stand-up comedians transform ordinary day-to-day situations in a humorous light.

At times a comedian mixes two or more styles & comes up with something new. Comedians need to be innovative & open to changes since audience cannot troll over the same thing again & again.

At times comedians make use of props as per their act & also indulge in interacting with the audience so as to keep the atmosphere lively. Comedians prepare various punchlines for themselves, to get acknowledgements from audiences & in the later part it acts as a trademark style of the particular comedian.

Scope of a Stand-up Comedian:


There are various avenues open for stand-up comedians since they are gaining a lot recognition from the well-wishers as well as their audiences. Bars & Comedy clubs often hire stand up comedians to entertain their patrons. Some comedians may be invited to perform in special comedy shows in concert halls or theaters as well.

During such shows, a comedian may perform alone or pair it up with other comedians.

Salary of a Comedian:

It is difficult to determine the salary figures of the comedians. Funnier & more popular comedians garner more accolades & there by earn huge bucks merely by performing for one or two hours.

Initially, they make as much as Rs. 50000/- to Rs. 80000/- per hour. With popularity, their fees increases to Rs. 150000/- to Rs.300000/-.

Its not just about the monetary gain, but comedians also receive fame, respect, honor, recognition, popularity raising their status quotient in the society to a sky high level.

Thus, tickle your funny bones, if you got the talent to entertain the mass at large & bring a smile on their face. Its truly said that, smile is the solution for larger part of troubles.

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