Career as a Cartoonist

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career as a cartoonist

A Cartoonist is termed as a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. This sort of work is often related to entertainment, political commentary, advertising etc. A wide scope is open to the cartoonists in the form of animation, booklets, comic strips, comic books, editorial cartoons, graphic novels, manuals, gag cartoons, graphic designs, illustrations, storyboards, posters, shirts, books, advertisements, greeting cards, magazines, magazines, newspapers or even video game packaging.

On a whole, cartooning refers to process of drawing still cartoons, which are usually meant to be humorous. Characters & scenes in most cartoons are not drawn realistically. Rather most features are exaggerated & people & animals may appear to be caricatures. Many cartoons carry caption/speech/thought bubbles.

Cartoonists are said to possess different perspective on life than most other people. They got the vision to spot the humor in everyday life or even serious situations. They hold a good sense of humor.

Most cartoons are meant to convey a certain message or point out some kind of irony. Cartoons can either be very complex or may be a little simpler. Cartoons can depend on dry humor or subtle irony & they present a serious situation in a light way. Let us see how it is helpful.

Career as a Cartoonist:

Eligibility of a Cartoonist:

It is advisable that candidates have a Degree in Fine Arts or Storyboard

Scope of Cartoonist:

Now a days many cartoonists use computer as a medium to illustrate their designs. Previously paper & pen were made use of. Cartoonists who create storyboards usually illustrate the procedure of how an animated story will come together. A storyboard cartoonist shall interpret a script as well as draw pictures to depict various scenes.

Doing so, helps actors, animators, directors, to view how a story should look & progress.

On major fronts, self proclaimed cartoonists are considered as freelancers. they shall draw cartoons & submit them to different print & digital publications. Depending on their talent & skill, their comic strips shall be syndicated.

They agree on a contract basis where in their articles are published on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Cartoonists creating storyboards are often hired by small & large production studios.

 Salary of a Cartoonist:

Cartoonists who are lucky enough to have their cartoons or comic strips syndicated are successful enough to make a decent wage. A cartoonist creating storyboards normally make a good earning.

Cartoonist are able to earn Rs.300000/- to Rs. 750000/- per annum.

Cartooning has immense scope in today’s world just that a person should be ready to take the humor lightly & possess a good sense of humor!!

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