Career as an Anthropologist in India

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Anthropology as a Career Option


Anthropology is a science that studies about the mankind and its origin. It studies the history of development of human beings, its cultural, social and physical growth. Therefore, Anthropology is study of history of progression or development of human beings.

The Anthropology has been originated from Greek word “Anthropos” which means human beings and “logos” which means study. It is regarding individuals, their relationships and how they survive as members of society.

Anthropology a vast field and is divided into different branches for specialized study. The four different fields of Anthropology are:

  • Archaeology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Socio-cultural Anthropology
  • Linguistic Anthropology

Scope for Anthropologist

As an anthropologist you can work with various institutes and universities. You can also do research for different organizations such as Archaeological Survey of India, the WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO and the Commission for Scheduled Tribes, Castes and other Backward classes. Moreover you can find jobs in corporate houses in the Human Resource development sector as an anthropologist for maintain balanced relations between industry and society. Other than this an anthropologist can also get employment at:

  • Museums, libraries, art galleries and archives
  • Can work as social worker, linguists, curators, tour guide and in publishing houses
  • You can also work in criminal investigation departments and forensic science departments

Educational Qualification

To become an anthropologist, it is important to complete schooling in science stream for higher studies in the field. The minimum qualification for to opt for an under graduate course in anthropology is 10+2 with science subjects. There are various universities/ colleges that provide B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in Anthropology. Some of the universities also offer BA and MA in anthropology. There are various colleges that provide courses for Anthropology. Some of the best universities/ colleges for the study of anthropology are mentioned in our article “Top 10 Colleges for Anthropology in India”.

Remuneration/ Income

As an anthropologist you can receive good income. Fresher’s can earn around Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 10000-/ per month. Specialized personals with good experience can make good money by working in this field.

Anthropology is a profession that requires physical strength as it involves hard work and a lot of field work. If you are interested in studying the history of human beings like its origin, developments and more then Anthropology is a good career option.

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