Career as an Android Developer

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career as an android developer
Android came into existence with the help of Google in November 2007. Sine then, there has been no looking back. Android’s popularity has skyrocketed giving mobile app developers plenty of reasons to rejoice. The demand for new android apps & development support is constantly rising as more & more companies require the technology to push forward the android apps & offer their products & services along with it.

Now a Days, cell phones are no longer meant just for making calls. People use their cell devices to get online & enjoy cool & useful applications than ever before. This trend itself drives the demand for application developers of all kinds who are more than interested in becoming a part of the rapidly growing market, there by making money everytime someone downloads their creation. Android has got a long way to go as many android smartphones are coming up!!

Android Applications are written using the Java Programming Language. It makes clear that, developers need to be well versed with the Java Programming Language. Since all it takes a knowledge of programming language, the Android Software Development Kit along with a few plug-ins, and one is all set to develop apps for the operating system.

Right from games & entertainment to organizational & work based solutions, there is a dire need for a wide range of Android Apps and of course the brilliant developers who provide them. There are many resources available for android developers at every skill level. Android development is an interesting mix of a high-level object oriented language with small footprint/embedded device limitations.

Listed below are few of the personal go-to resources. Please have a look at the same.

1. Google’s Official Android Developer Site: Its the first place for any android developer to start with. It has got the most complete reference availability.

2. The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development: This is an excellent quality of reference material available either in print or as E-subscription.

3.  This website is highly organized as well as the quality of the source code is first rate.

4. DevBytes: You Tube hosts the growing collection of Android Tutorials. The content remains up to date.

5. Stack Overflow: Developers turn to stack overflow for years, in that case, Android Devs are no exception.

Salary of  an Android Developer:

Since Android Developers are in huge demand, they are eligible to receive fat paychecks. They get paid somewhere around Rs.80000/- to Rs. 100000/- With more apps, the pay increases & so their popularity.

Ring into a career as an android developer with ample opportunities 🙂

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