Career as an Air Hostess

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career as a air hostessIt is known to everyone that it pays to be high headed. Air Hostess is such a profession where in the sky is the limit for the money being made by an individual. It is a misconception that air hostesses lead a glamorous life. The span of an air hostess is spread wide right from passenger safety to good public relations.

Basically their job is to make people feel comfortable during the flight as well as watch out for their safety. One must be physically fit so as to lift heavy containers as well as walk swiftly through the aisle & between carts.

Educational Qualification required for an Air Hostess:

A person holding a Diploma or Aviation & Hospitality Management Course can apply for the same. Aspiring students can also go through Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institute in India.

Nature of work for an Air Hostess:

The nature of work of an air hostess demands lot of dedication & patience. As per the standard code of conduct, air hostess need to reach the airport an hour-and-a-half before the check-in time & pay heed to the instructions being provided by the senior flight attendant. It covers instructions on safety of the passengers, take-off & service procedures during the journey.Air Hostesses are supposed to prepare the cabin for flights, write down reports, do other related work on the ground.

Skills needed to become an Air Hostess:

Flight Attendants should essentially possess excellent communication skills, need to be well groomed. They are expected to run a safety check on the aircraft. This shall include testing safety equipment, life jackets, mikes etc. The pillows, blankets, books, food, plates, glasses, napkins & medicines are a part & parcel of the work. They make sure that the aircraft is clean & ready to board.

It won’t be wrong to say that it’s after the boarding that the real duties begin. On handing over the boarding passes, the air hostess needs to assist the passengers & help them settle down for their journey. They help the passengers by explaining all the safety all the safety procedures.

Air Hostesses work in shifts. The longest shift for a domestic hostess can be around 5-6 hours but international hostess are required to serve for as long as 12-15 hours at a stretch.

The perks of being in an air hostess career is that, one can meet many famous faces, as well as one gets to see exotic destinations , stay in luxurious hotels & shop for the finest things from the popular places.

Salary of an Air Hostess:

An air hostess  can earn as much as Rs. 2.24 lakhs to Rs. 12.82 lakhs per annum.

For all those people, who in true sense want to be an air hostess can fasten their seat belts & take off for a journey towards a career as an air hostess!! 🙂

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