Career as an Aerobics Instructor

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career as an aerobics instructor
To start with, Aerobics is a form of physical exercise which combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching & strength training routines with the prime goal of improving all the elements of fitness. It is usually performed on music beats in a group under the supervision of an aerobics instructor.

If one wishes to become an aerobics instructor, firstly he/she needs to determine whether this career path is good enough for you. The key features comprising in an Aerobic Instructor usually are;

  • An aerobic instructor must have natural passion for exercise & fitness.
  • Aerobic Instructors being confident individuals always stand by to motivate others.
  • Aerobic Instructors have that aptitude of determining which routines are suitable for which group of participants.
  • They make sure that participants are exercising safely under their guidance.

The main task of an Aerobic Instructor is to teach exercise techniques & lead aerobic classes so as to keep people physically fit. It includes teaching Pilates, yoga, water aerobics, weight training or other aerobics based exercise classes.

Aerobics instructors may work along with people belonging to all age groups & skill levels & see to it that they maintain their patience level & motivate all the participants through the difficult exercise routines.

Educational Qualification for Aerobics Instructor:

Educational requirements for becoming an aerobics instructor differs from region to region or may be from the type of specialty to specialty. Employers of Aerobics Instructors hire candidates possessing high school diploma or any relevant certification in the field of group fitness instruction.

Nature of work of an Aerobics Instructor:

An aerobics instructor follows a typical nature of job pattern for his/her participants. Let us have a look at them:

-Aerobics Instructor determines which class to conduct based on personal expertise or client requests.

-Provide instructions to groups & individuals.

– Plan routines & prepare music for each class.

-Expert knowledge is utmost needed regarding the current trends & emergency procedures should be administered whenever necessary.

-Helping participants to figure out their levels of exertion in order to get maximum benefit from their exercise routines.


Job titles for an Aerobics Instructor:

Aerobics Instructor can also be referred to as;

  • Fitness Class Instructor
  • Fitness Class Leader
  • Fitness Instruction Specialist
  • Group Exercise Leader
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Group Fitness Trainer

Working Areas of Aerobics Instructor:

Aerobics Instructors are normally hired in;

  1. Health Clubs & Gyms
  2. Recreation & Leisure Centres
  3. Retirement Facilities
  4. Dance Studios
  5. Muncipal Recreation Centres
  6. Community Leagues & Associations
  7. Businesses
  8. Hotels, Cruise Ships & Resorts
  9. Self-Employment

Salary of an Aerobics Instructors:

Salary of an Aerobics Instructors varies depending on their level of training, experience, place where in they work, number of classes they take up, specific responsibilities they take up etc. They earn somewhere around Rs. 700/- to Rs. 900/- per hour.

Thus all those people, interested in the art of healthy living & spreading the goodness of fitness through Aerobics, can surely think about a Career as an Aerobics Instructor

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