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career in advertising

Advertising is considered as one of the toughest field to get in. Working in advertising is infact a very respected profession. There is a wrong notion that if you are trying to sell something through advertising, you are on the verge to deceive the public. Basically advertising is the art of conveying a particular message or product to the public in general.

Advertisements generally persuade people about commercial products, services along with that focusses on social issues as well. It carries a lot of competitive spirit along with it. Advertising Industry provides quality jobs to many deserving people. Advertising agencies are on a spree to look out for highly creative & talented individuals sporting a great team spirit & who are able to take decisions independently.

One who is aspiring for a Career in Advertising must be highly target oriented & should be prepared to work under pressure. One must be willing to give the best everytime since the industry is surrounded with competition.

How does an Advertising Agency work?

  • Ad Agencies are occupied with clients through out the season.
  • Ad Agencies provide solution to each & every problem of the clients.
  • Ad Agencies are awarded for their performances as well as they are exposed to promotions on & often depending on their work.

Eligibility Criteria for Advertising:

In order to get into Advertising, candidates can secure any of these Degrees.

  1. Post Graduate Diploma or MBA in Marketing
  2. Course in Commercial Art or Fine Arts
  3. Journalism, Mass Communication or an MBA
  4. CA, ICWA, MBA(Finance)
  5. Specification in Audio Visuals
  6. A Course in Printing & Pre-Press

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Along with that to get a position in Advertising area, one must secure minimum 50 percent marks in Graduation. Admission in most cases is based on Entrance Exam or Interview.  Studying Advertising can cost upto Rs. 80,000/- to Rs.100000/- per year per student.

Nature of work of Advertising:

If a person is enthusiastic, creative, optimistic & got the ability to multitask then one can consider a career in Advertising. One must possess effective communication skills, presentation & management talent, team spirit & leadership values, the right level of confidence are essentially required.

Scope in Advertising:

Scope to work in advertising includes openings in private advertising agencies, advertising departments of both private as well as public sector companies. One can join as a freelancer. One can aspire to work as an Advertising Manager, Sales Manager, Public Relations Director, Creative Director, Copy Writers, Marketing Communication Manager etc.

Pay Scale in Advertising:

One can start with Rs.15000/- to Rs.20000/- per month as their initial pay. With increasing posts, the pay increases.

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