Can we change branch in Engineering?

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Unfortunately this can occur with many of the Engineering students. Once the admission procedure is done, they realize that they have got the wrong branch or may be this branch is not meant for him/her. In majority cases this can take place due to your own mistake or may be even your lower rank. But don’t take it as the end of the world, because even now you can change your branch or can do something worth in it. There are two major possibilities; 1.) Branch Sliding 2.)Branch Change. Let us have a look on How Can we change branch in Engineering?

1.) Branch Sliding

Once your admission procedure is done in the month of September-December if any seat in any branch remains vacant due to some reason, then it is filled by the respective candidate of that State or UT on the basis of your AIEEE rank. This way you have a good chance to change your branch once again but it totally depends on No. of seats vacant as well as Your AIEEE rank.

If this way you cannot change your branch then don’t worry, you got one more chance to change your branch but be careful as this time it totally depends on your academic performance throughout first year.

2.) Branch Change

Branch Change is prone to happen at the end of the second semester so as to give a chance to the aspiring students to change their branch but be careful rules are again different here from Institute to Institute.

Institute is prone to go through a candidate’s i) Minimum no. of marks acquired/CGPA (combined grand performance index) in the first year. ii) Maximum no. of seats available for Branch Change. This one totally depends on your academic performance hence get ready & work hard throughout the year to grab this opportunity.

Inspite of that, if you remain unsuccessful in changing your Branch then do not worry now a days software companies are allowing each branch for recruitment & you can very well become a software engineer. It does no matter from which discipline you belong to. Try to enjoy your studies. Good Luck!! 🙂

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