Business Analytics & its Myths

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Business Analytics is a vast industry which is meant for exponential growth. One can get hired by a company which is capable enough of training you for the required job. Getting Business Analytics relating Certification can prove to be as an additional point. But lately there have been many myths going around regarding Business Analytics.

 1. One necessarily needs to be a Engineer to start a career in Business Analytics

It is not at all necessary to be a Engineer, just the thing required is the ability to think structurally as well as one must be used to play with numbers. If one is smart enough to provide shape to the unstructured problems & carry out the needed calculations then one can definitely turn into a Business Analyst.

It also hints at company going in for candidates having a Quantitative background as they prove to be good with numbers. Thus people having a background in Engineering, Economics, Maths, Statistics, Physics or MBA’s are preferred.

2. Analytics is all about dealing with large datasets

It so happens that, on major occasions, Business Analytics team works on target-oriented /specific problems which may or may not even involve large datasets. The sole aim is to solve the structure of the business areas with the help of numbers as per the strategy of the organization.

3.Does one need to be a Programmer?

This piece of information is so not true. One only needs to be good at programming for the tool one uses for analysis purpose but one does not necessarily be a good programmer. Majority programs are supported by Graphical User Interface (GUI) which can be operated even without knowing programming.

4. Learning Analytics is learning a different tool all together

One needs to understand the basic fundamentals required for performing analysis which includes many important things to be kept in mind while performing regression, various coefficients & outcomes of t-test , how to prove-disapprove a business hypothesis etc.. By applying these logic through the tools, one can start a career as a Business Analysis!!

5. Difficulty in finding a job

This can be said the other way round. The industry of Business Analytics is facing a shortage of the unseen talent. If you got the right skills, you are in the right field & you are ought to get a job of your choice!!

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